Death Of Kevin Samuels Sparks Hatred And Love In Black America

Death Of Kevin Samuels Sparks Hatred And Love In Black America

Kevin Samuels

Controversial YouTube influencer Kevin Samuels has died at 56. Photo Courtesy of http://bykevinsamuels.com/

Popular YouTube influencer Kevin Samuels has died from cardiac arrest. He was 57.

Samuels’ mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, confirmed her son’s death to NBC News. She said she initially learned he had died through social media.

“That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. I didn’t even know. I hadn’t even been [officially] notified,” Samuels-Burch told NBC News during a phone interview on Friday, the outlet reported. “All I’m doing is requesting that people pray for us.”

Known for his blunt, no-holds-barred views, Samuels was a self-proclaimed “relationship guru” and “professional men’s and corporate image consultant.” He said his job was “to make sure my clients look good, smell great and are the best version of themselves each and every day.”

Samuels had an immense following on social media with over 1 million followers on YouTube and Instagram, respectively, as well as hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter combined.

He popularized the term “High Value Man” (HVM) and put his unique spin on it. According to Samuels, “the market” defines a high-value man as one who has the following six traits:

  • Earns at least $10K monthly (by Atlanta’s standard cost of living; this varies based on where one lives)
  • Consistently earns $10K Monthly over 3-5 years to stability
  • Is accepted into the group of other high-value men
  • Has access to a fraternity-like network of other HVM
  • Has visibility as a prominent person in society
  • Has the ability to be useful to fellow high-value men and others

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Samuels was often criticized as a misogynist for attacking Black women with his brand of relationship advice. He frequently reiterated that many “ordinary” Black women didn’t want to date “ordinary” Black men because they were “delusional” and only wanted the HVM.

He often made videos providing support for his positions and offering no-filtered advice to callers that repeatedly went viral for his controversial takes.

Rumors of Kevin Samuels’ death first began circulating on social media on Thursday, about a week after he went viral for saying unmarried women over the age of 35 were “leftovers.”

In one of the last videos he posted before his death, Samuels asked women, “What are you holding out for?” adding, “The later you go in life, the fewer options you get.”

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) confirmed they were called Thursday night to the late Atlanta-based influencer’s home and found him unresponsive, WSBTV 2 reported.

According to the APD report, a woman who spent the night with Samuels called 911 when he collapsed on her after complaining of chest pain that morning. She also reportedly called and asked the front desk for a defibrillator because she is a nurse and was trying to help him.

Samuels was transported to Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital but efforts to save him were unsuccessful and he ultimately passed away.

Much like in life, Samuels’ death sparked a debate in Black America. Some stated how much they loved him while others shared their disdain for him, noting they could care less he died or even welcomed the news.

Here are some reactions from Twitter about Kevin Samuels’ death.

“Kevin Samuels told men to learn a trade, social skills, hit the gym/groom, & surround yourself with winners,” @Ten_oo1 tweeted. “He told women to stop being delusional/selfish. Lose weight & contempt for men. Be cooperative/friendly. He was changing the world & saving marriages/families. RIP.”

“So Kevin Samuels who was giving a reality check for women and men.. have allegedly passed away.. and people are being nasty. Wow these are the same people that praised Will Smiths slap then was silent when he lost everything. Fickle people man,” Twitter user @With_Maxine wrote.

“All Kevin Samuels did was tell broke men and overweight women to be realistic and y’all out here acting like he was Scar from the Lion King …y’all weird,” user @Caveman36282179 wrote.

“The way you women are treating the news of Kevin Samuels as a celebratory event is revolting. Y’all are evil, twisted, deranged, selfish, careless, conceited and distasteful to say the very least. And it’s ironic bc y’all are literally proving he was right about y’all…” @amarihanifahh tweeted.

“Kevin Samuels was talking to men, more bluntly and harshly compared to women for years. Yet it’s very few men happy about his death,” @TheBlackPP6 wrote. “It’s a bunch of sad bitter a** women and its pathetic. You’re only proving his point and exposing your evil.”

“When Nipsey, Chadwick, DMX, Biz, Michael K., Shock G and others—all Black men died, we mourned. In life, Kevin Samuels went out of his way to degrade and dehumanize Black women. In death, we do not mourn him. May he receive the energy he extended,” @CandiceBenbow wrote.

“Regardless of if this Kevin Samuels news is true or not, you gotta be an evil MF to cheer for someone’s death because you don’t like some of the things they’ve said,” @Troy_DonJuan tweeted.


“Kevin Samuels was one of the reasons that motivated me to lose my weight and start my health journey,” @TheRealKeshMEd wrote.

“Kevin Samuels didn’t just practice aspects of misogyny, he legitimately hated Black women. The way he would speak about them, didn’t just normalize misogynoir in his life, his platform helped normalize it for hundreds of thousands of people,” author Frederick Joseph wrote.

“So you’re telling me Kevin samuels had high cholesterol and had a whole heart attack and wanted to talk about fat women?????” @ih8straightmen tweeted.

“kevin samuels made a career off of bashing women and upholding oppressive gender standards and y’all want us to take the high road when we find out he passed away,” @HoodWiitch chimed in.

“Delusional toxic black women shunned Queen Mother Shahrazad Ali when she spoke of accountability of black women in 1989. The children of those women have continued with Kevin Samuels since 2017,” @HarrietEve 9 wrote. “Meanwhile, in 2022 over 70% of black children are born to single black women.”

“Kevin Samuels told broke men & mediocre faced women to shoot in their range and only one group wants him dead because of it. LMFAO,” tweeted @KenHeLive.

“I don’t believe Kevin Samuels is dead, for the record. But me not feeling bad if he is doesn’t mean I’m ‘celebrating’ it,” @WriteAsRae tweeted. “He went out of his way to be cruel. We are not required to mourn virtues he didn’t show. And asking black women, of all ppl, to show tact is audacious.”

“I’m hoping the brotha Kevin Samuels passing is just some sick twitter rumor. Either way. To see the vitriol behind it by black feminists is real interesting to say the least,” @doritegrocery wrote. “They are acting like the white supremacists who killed George Floyd died. I mean it’s sick!”

“Kevin Samuels has made a career off of shamelessly disgracing Black women for profit. He emboldened the most toxic individuals to project tired and harmful narratives about Black women,” journalist Ernest Owens tweeted. “Dead or alive, what a disgraceful life to live. That’s all I’ve got for that misogynist.”

“Kevin Samuels may have been polarizing but I believe his message will live on,” wrote @majornija.

PHOTO: Controversial YouTube influencer Kevin Samuels has died at 56. Photo Courtesy of http://bykevinsamuels.com/