Kenya-Based E-Textile Start-Up to Keep Motorcyclists Safe

Kenya-Based E-Textile Start-Up to Keep Motorcyclists Safe

Instead of using an app that reveals unclogged roads for safe travel, CladLight co-founders Charles and Joseph Muchene hope to reduce road-related accidents through an e-textile Boda Pack.

According to a HumanIpo report, the pack can be worn by motorcyclists to increase visibility and signal intended directions. An alternative to relying on the government to cut down heightening road accidents, the brothers have delved into tech to encourage safe travel and precaution.

“The Boda Pack has lights (LEDs) that show the direction the user is about to turn and is operated by the motorcyclist. The jackets will have an independent source of power and will be controlled wirelessly through either a radio frequency or bluetooth,” Joseph said in the report.

“We saw an opportunity to try and address the problem with the twist of fashion and came up with the Boda Pack, a product that could help save lives by increasing their visibility especially at night and without unnecessarily inconveniencing the motorcyclist.”

HumanIpo also reported that CladLight is a participating start-up in Nairobi’s Nailab incubator. The program has supplemented seed funding, which in the beginning stages came from friends and family.

“Nailab has really come in for the company in many ways that can’t be quantified,” Joseph added.

In addition to tech companies, CladLight is looking to partner with motorcycle groups, NGOs and government agencies to further development through a Boda Pack trial period. The co-founders are expecting to launch a pilot program sometime within the first week of February.