Ethiopian Tech Start-Up Developing App For World-Beating Athletes

Ethiopian Tech Start-Up Developing App For World-Beating Athletes

Ethiopian mobile app startup AhadooTec is developing an application aimed at world beating athletes, with a view to helping local talent step up to the international arena, HumanIPO reported.

AhadooTec founder Amanuel Abrha told HumanIPO in an interview the app will serve as an important tool for the county’s top athletes, by helping them access to information and facilitating interaction between athletes. He said the app will also enable athletes to record and track their performance.

“ICT and especially mobile phones are becoming more and more ubiquitous in Africa. They can help sportsmen to access information, record their performance and interact with other sportsmen,” Abrha said.

“The app helps athletes to track their performance, get information about up-to-date training methods and nutrition, interact with coaches as well as exchange experience and ideas with their peers.”

The app – launched in conjunction with German international development organization icebauhaus – is currently being developed through field research among professional and amateur Ethiopian athletes, as well as coaches, sports teachers and journalists, and is due for launch in mid this year.

Abrha said, while mobile uptake is increasing across Africa, on a local level the Ethiopian government is pumping funds into initiatives promoting technology in the country, but there were still obstacles to launching a successful tech-based company in Ethiopia.