Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel Passes Away From Head Injury Accident

Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel Passes Away From Head Injury Accident


Photos of Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel courtesy of @zosobe

Conservative Black beauty pageant winner Zoe Sozo Bethel, who was crowned Miss Alabama for America Strong in 2021, died on Feb. 18 after sustaining severe head injuries more than a week earlier.

The 27-year-old former model and Right Side Broadcasting Network reporter, had a mysterious accident eight days before her death. While her family confirmed her death on Instagram in a Feb. 20 post, they have yet to reveal the details of her accident.

Bethel, a mother of one, was a conservative commentator who was involved with organizations such as Project Veritas, Liberty University, and Turning Point USA, the Heavy reported.

America Strong is a pageant for “strong American women who are single, divorced and single with children.”

Bethel was injured in an accident on Feb. 10 during which her family said on Instagram that she had “sustained severe damage to her brain/brainstem and is in a coma.” Her prognosis at the time seemed grim, with the post noting that doctors did not think the damage could be repaired and she might “not have much time left,” iHeart reported.

Eight days later, her parents updated Bethel’s Instagram followers, writing, “On Friday, February 18, 2022, at approximately 5:30AM Eastern time in Miami, Florida, our beloved Zoe Sozo Bethel passed from this life into the next as a result of succumbing to her injuries.”

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Zoe was living and working in Miami at the time of her death, E! reported.

Another beauty pageant titleholder, Cheslie Kryst, died on Jan. 30 after jumping to her death from the roof of her Midtown Manhattan highrise apartment building. She was 30. Her family later revealed that Kryst had suffered from high-functioning depression for years. Kryst also worked in media as a TV correspondent and was crowned Miss USA 2019.

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Some Twitter users wrote about the mystery and coincidences surrounding Bethel’s death.

“This is a strange ‘coincidence’. Miss North Carolina 2019, Chelsie Kryst, age 30 and also African-American, died as the result of a reported suicide (jumping from a NYC highrise) only 3 weeks ago,” JAO @HelenTuttle tweeted.

Actor Bob Saget, best known for his long-running TV series “Full House,” died on Feb. 9. An autopsy later revealed he died from head injuries from an unknown fall.

“So her and Bob Saget have mysterious died of head injuries while in FL!?#Coincidences,” tweeted White Mamba.


“I’m shocked and saddened by the death of such a wonderful young lady,” wrote right-wing speaker Brandon Tatum on Instagram. “@zosobe was such a bright spot in every room she entered. She was beautiful inside and out.”

While Bethel was hospitalized, her family created a GoFundMe page to help pay for expenses. As of Feb. 22, it had collected more than $44,000.


Photos of Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel courtesy of @zosobe