Black America Rallies Behind Georgia Activist LaTosha Brown As She Refuses To Tap Dance For Biden And Democrats

Black America Rallies Behind Georgia Activist LaTosha Brown As She Refuses To Tap Dance For Biden And Democrats

LaTosha Brown

Photo: LaTosha Brown, May 8, 2021, in Selma, Ala. (AP Photo/Vasha Hunt)

Georgia activist LaTosha Brown is not shy when it comes to speaking out and her latest comments about voting rights have attracted attacks by supporters of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. 

The co-founder of Black Voters Matter, Brown is helping lead a coalition of Georgia voting and civil rights groups that planned to boycott Biden’s Dec. 11 speech in Atlanta, Axios reported.

“We’re beyond speeches. We’re beyond events,” Brown said during a Zoom meeting attended by reporters. “What we are demanding is federal legislation.”

Brown has already reached out to Harris at the White House several times, as recently as December, to discuss the urgency of passing federal voting rights legislation, among other issues. Brown says she’s frustrated voting rights are still being debated.

“We have less voting rights protection now than we had a year ago….We want to see the bill signed…We don’t feel like this administration has made this a priority,” Brown told MSNBC TV host and political commentator Joy Reid recently. “It is unconscionable that here we are a year later and we do not have voting rights legislation in place.”

Brown also tweeted, “Voting Rights Groups Tell Biden: Don’t Come to Atlanta Without a Plan”.

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Brown’s challenge to Biden got her in hot water with some Biden-Harris supporters.

“@MsLaToshaBrown what’s your plan for getting Stacey Abrams elected Gov., keeping Rev. Warnock in the Senate and Lucy McBath in Congress. Since you wanna discuss plans what’s yours?” tweeted Candidly Tiff: Mistress of Civics @tify330. Candidly Tiff, who describes herself as an Afro-Latino born and raised in Brooklyn and residing in Maryland, has a photo of Biden and Harris as her cover picture on Twitter.

Brown responded to the tweet, “You think that’s MY job? You want me to do MORE work in a state where the law makes it harder? In light of the fact that folks we put in power haven’t protected or restored our rights. Naw tell me your plan. I don’t need another assignment for me to do MORE.”

To which Candidly Tiff claimed that she had lured Brown into a trap. She tweeted, “Glad you took the bait but let’s be clear this was not about a plan it was to show how performative you really are thinking you can tell the President and VP where to go, like you run GA. You are a trip!”

Others on Twitter came out in support of LaTosha Brown.

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