Teaching Girls Computer Technology In Kenya Slums

Teaching Girls Computer Technology In Kenya Slums

From Biztech Africa.

Eighteen high school girls chosen in a rigorous selection process from Kenyan slums are learning information and communication technology.

The number of schoolgirls opting to study technology-related disciplines is declining in most countries including Kenya, according to an article in Biztech Africa.

Girls from Nairobi’s Mukuru and Kibera slums are trained in programming, computer literacy, enterprise skills and graphic design.

“Currently, our country is basking in recognition and appreciation of a robust tech scene, but we only have a handful of women making an impact in this field,” said Linda Kamau, project leader with Akirachix Training.

“We were drawn to these girls from the moving stories we captured during our mobile computer classes in the slums,” Kamau said. “We discovered that most if not all would end their education just after (age 10) since their parents couldn’t afford to support them to the next stage.”

Akirachix has trained at least 20 girls a year from Nairobi slums since 2010 in a mobile computer literacy classroom.

Classes are held daily and girls receive mentorship and personal support, according to the report.

“We facilitate school attendance with things like bus fare so that they don’t miss class and give them personal effects for proper hygiene,” Kamau said in the report.

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