Eight HBCUs Receive Bomb Threats On Same Day, Universities Evacuated, Locked Down

Eight HBCUs Receive Bomb Threats On Same Day, Universities Evacuated, Locked Down

Bomb Threats

Alabama A&M University Marching Band members take a knee at the 16th annual Honda Battle of Bands at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Jonathan Landrum Jr.)

At least eight historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) received bomb threats on Tuesday, Jan. 5, prompting evacuations and lockdowns of the campuses.

According to The Washington Post, Florida Memorial University, Howard University, Norfolk State University, North Carolina Central University, Prairie View A&M University, Spelman College, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Xavier University all received bomb threats.

According to spokespersons from several of the universities, the respective departments of public safety as well as local law enforcement searched the campuses for active devices. All issued “all clear” notices, but some urged their campus communities to remain vigilant.

“All clear. Howard’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) and MPD responded to a potential bomb threat on campus this afternoon. The perimeter was secured and searched. No active devices were found and the area has been cleared,” Howard tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

“After a thorough search, no suspicious packages were found, and no one was harmed. The campus returned to normal operations,” Florida Memorial tweeted, noting campus security was collaborating with local Miami Gardens law enforcement and the investigation was ongoing.

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“Although the threat was unfounded we ask that everyone remains vigilant,” the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff said in a statement.

Twitter users reacted to the news of the HBCU bombings, with many offering empathy and support.

“We stand with our HBCU partners in this time of hardship. We should not take threats of this nature lightly. You are all in our thoughts and prayers as you regain momentum and bring faculty, staff, and students back to your campuses,” the Student Freedom Initiative tweeted on Wednesday, Jan. 6


“#HBCUs have been campuses of academic achievement & social justice, as well as havens for comfort & safety, for 150 years. Our sympathies go out to HBCU students & colleagues who had the sanctity of their campuses disrupted by cowards this week. Not OK,” wrote Todd Simmons, North Carolina A&T’s Associate Vice Chancellor, of University Relations.

“For real everyone.. there’s a lot of threats happening also on MLK day, February is already in the red for threats. Please be careful and vigilant. The domestic terrorism threat is at an all time high and several groups are planning attacks,” @catchdva tweeted.

Some were frustrated the HBCU bomb threats weren’t getting more attention. “Yesterday, 7 HBCU’s were evacuated because of bomb threats. Why isn’t anyone talking about this?” @TheReclaimed tweeted.

“There has literally been no media coverage of these HBCU bomb threats…,” @laurelofcourse echoed.

Others were more militant in their responses. Twitter user @glorygirllici wrote, “so 5 HBCU received bomb threats? that can’t be a coincidence. let us find out you crackers got some sh*t planned. i refuse to live in fear of any of y’all.”

Due to a surge in coronavirus cases and winter break, some of the campuses were not at full capacity. Still, one user who posted on Daily Kos and identified as an HBUC professor expressed safety concerns.

“I teach at an Historically Black University (HBCU). I got a text notice from my school stating BOMB THREAT this evening and everyone needed to leave campus immediately. I was both worried for my students and confused since nothing like this has ever happened before,” the user identified as wymer100 wrote.

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The person added he or she would not be frightened into hiding.

“I cannot decide if racists are feeling emboldened by their coziness with law enforcement or feel threatened by the rising prominence of black voices and the need for equality,” wymer100’s post continued. “Either way, my school and students will not back down and will continue to take the high road.”

PHOTO: Alabama A&M University Marching Band members take a knee at the 16th annual Honda Battle of Bands at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. No matter the event, HBCU bands are the reason people stay near their seats during halftime football games instead of going to the concession stands. Their show-stopping performances have made an imprint on pop culture, music and film. (AP Photo/Jonathan Landrum Jr.)