What Role Did White ‘No Jumper Podcast’ Profiteering Have In YG And Drakeo Beef Before Murder?

What Role Did White ‘No Jumper Podcast’ Profiteering Have In YG And Drakeo Beef Before Murder?


April 14, 2019 file photo shows rapper YG performing at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP, File)

Questions are swirling around the death of Los Angeles hip-hop artist Drakeo the Ruler, who was stabbed backstage on Dec. 18 before he was due to perform at the Once Upon A Time In L.A. Festival at Exposition Park. Many people were mingling around and no one noticed the murderer, who was somehow given admission with a knife despite the presence of security, according to promoter Live Nation.

One of the people backstage was fellow West Coast hip-hop artist YG, who, according to witnesses, rolled in with a huge entourage. Soon after, Drakeo’s brother noticed the artist had been stabbed in the neck.

Since there was a rumored beef between YG and Drakeo, another question surfaced as to why both artists were backstage at the same time.

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Back in the late 1990s, Vibe Magazine stirred up the East Coast Biggie-West Coast Tupac beef. Some wonder if the “No Jumper” podcast and its host Adam Grandmaison helped stir up the supposed YG-Drakeo beef for attention and profits.

During an interview with YG in March, in which the purpose was for YG to introduce the roster of artists on his 4HUNNID record label, Grandmaison mentioned criminality and beef in hip hop more than once.

Grandmaison, who is white, is a podcaster, former record executive, and adult film star. “No Jumper” was initially a blog on Tumblr, started by George Potter in 2011 and financed by Grandmaison.

When he asked YG about YG & AD’s video shoot in 2016 in Compton at which there was a shoot-out, YG asks Grandmaison, “Why do you want to talk about criminal activity?” 

Then Grandmaison asked YG about beefs in hip hop.

“All that rap beef and all that [ __ ] we don’t do. We ‘re not into rap beefing..we chilling,” said YG, who noted that the younger generation is always on “Instagram talking about their ops.”

“You don’t want to get into a situation when you start making money…then have to sit down and do jail time over some bullshit,” YG continued. “I don’t have a rap beef with nobody.”

The Moguldom Nation CEO Jamarlin Martin tweeted, “You can find the white man throwing gasoline on fires with some of these murders of hip-hop artists. It’s a business model.”

Drakeo also did an IG live in response to the YG interview on “No Jumper.”

In the live, Drakeo is listening to music and vaping. He plays several songs, including his own “Diddy Bop” featuring Ralfy the Plug. At one point, Drakeo says, “Stop playing with us. We ain’t the one to play with.”

Still, the murderer of Drakeo is not known. It has been reported that Drakeo had a handful of enemies when he died, including an ongoing beef with YG, according to Distractify.

Rumors online suggested YG and his entourage had something to do with it. Drakeo’s associate K7 has pointed the finger at YG and claimed it was a setup, HipHopDX reported.

“I’m speaking facts,” he said in a clip on Instagram. “YG a real-life bitch, n-gga. All them n-ggas is bitches, bro. I don’t give a fuck, bro. I’m so mad, bro. On my mama, YG did some hoe shit. If I see cuh, I’m gonna slap the shit out that n-gga. N-ggas doin’ all this puff, talkin like they hard, bro.

“You got those security guards fightin’ n-gga. Like come on, bro. That shit ain’t cool, bro. On my mama, bro. Them n-ggas got them big ass bald security guards, snuck ’em in, snuck in knives, all types of weird shit, n-gga.”

K7 then wondered why YG was allowed to bring dozens of people with him backstage, while Drakeo The Ruler was capped at 15.

“Let them n-ggas come 70 thick but only told us we could bring 15 people, bro,” he said. “That doesn’t make no sense. Bro, you told us we could only bring 15 people but let them n-ggas bring a hundred muthafuckin’ people, bro? I’m so hot … YG can’t perform in L.A. no more, bro. I don’t give a fuck who feel about what about or anything. I don’t care, bro. N-gga always do some gay shit for a real one, bro. I’m over this shit, bro. On my mama, these n-ggas is gay. These n-ggas is hoes, bro.”

According to K7, Drakeo attempted to link up with the Bloods gang when he was released from prison in November 2020. YG is a known Bloods gang member. K7 said he has a theory as to why YG wanted to take Drakeo out.

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“This shit is weird,” he added. “N-ggas is hatin’ bro. YG a real bitch. He knew Drakeo was gonna take his spot. Cuh really a bitch. N-gga set the whole shit up. This shit was a set up from the start. N-ggas shoulda been seen this whole setup shit that these faggot ass, bitch ass, gay ass, hoe ass n-ggas did. This shit got me hot, bro … these n-ggas ain’t even ready for war, bro. YG can’t perform in L.A. no more. Fuck all that, n-gga.”

K7 said the energy backstage grew dark as soon as YG and his crew arrived, HipHopDX reported.

“When we first came in, we was there … certain n-ggas was there, early, early, so it was cool,” he said. “There wasn’t no tension, but YG and them wasn’t there because they performed later. As soon as he came, it went bad. Like n-ggas knew what they was doing. On my mama, the whole thing was a setup. Bro, n-ggas is hoes.”

Was Drakeo’s murder gang related?

During an interview with Grandmaison questioned Drakeo about taking a photo with a Hoover Criminal Gangs member. Hoover is a West Side South L.A. gang that is affiliated with the infamous Crips gang.

“You took a photo with a rapper popping off in L.A., Tr3yway6k…and he was throwing up some signs that people felt like you should not be in a photo,” Grandmaison asked.

 “He (Tr3yway6k) listens to my music so I don’t really give a [ __ ]. I don’t care….I mean he’s a fan of my music, I took a photo,” Drakeo responded, brushing off the controversy. 

Photo: This April 14, 2019 file photo shows rapper YG performing at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP, File)