TikTok Firearms And Self-Defense Instructor Billy Ragland Keeps Social Media Laughing But Some Say He May Get People Killed

TikTok Firearms And Self-Defense Instructor Billy Ragland Keeps Social Media Laughing But Some Say He May Get People Killed

Billy Ragland

TikTok Firearms And Self-Defense Instructor Billy Ragland Keeps Social Media Laughing But Some Say He May Get People Killed. Photo: Screenshot from TikTok @royceda59

A firearms instructor who identifies himself as Billy Ragland has gone viral on social media for his hilarious videos – but some people don’t think his methods will work in real-life situations and have expressed concern that people who follow Ragland’s advice could end up dead.

Ragland has been publishing on TikTok scenarios in which he demonstrates how people can avoid or get away from danger. The videos are supposed to be serious instructions on self-defense tactics, but many social media users are skeptical at best.

From disarming gunmen and keeping someone from abducting a child to jogging around in a circle to avoid being cornered in a fight – Ragland’s methods have drawn attention for the wrong reasons.

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Despite wearing a vest that identifies him as a self-described Detroit Urban Survival Trainer and appearing very serious in the clips, Ragland has been spoofed by many for the videos with the common belief that his methods “won’t work.”

“This man gonna get somebody killed one day,” Twitter user @President Carter tweeted along with Ragland’s video demonstrating how to avoid being jumped. “Tik Tok needs to take this man page down becuz he’s gonna get someone killed,” user @KoolKerm echoed.

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“Idk if any of them can top this one tho,” @Hallway Elvin chimed in, linking another of Ragland’s videos.

In several videos, Ragland shows viewers how he says they should disarm a gunman who approaches. Some on social media have taken the video and edited it to show, instead of survival, ending up at the Heavenly Gates.


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Another video shows a man trying to abduct a child and the mother pushing the man away from her child and saying ”Back up,” after which the man holds up both hands in surrender.

“Alright so the way that worked, when the man grabbed the child’s arm, the mother pushed here on the thumb, causing the thumb to let go,” Ragland explains. “This would help if someone tries to grab your child against your will, you’re able to break the hold so you can get your child free from an aggressor that tries to abduct your child.”

In response to that particular video from Billy Ragland, Twitter user @shannonsharpeee wrote, “Man this ain’t gonna stop a man from abducting a child STOP IT!!!!” followed by several laughing emojis.


Even some celebrities including 50 Cent and Royce Da 5’9”, have joined in on advising people not to follow Ragland’s advice.

“LOL this sh*t is funny,man just give em the sh*t. you can always get them back some other time,” 50 Cent wrote in an Instagram caption under one of Ragland’s videos he shared. In a separate post, 50 added, “yeah right, he gonna f**k around and get somebody killed.”

“’ATTENTION: Please don’t take any Self Defense advice from this man… He wants you to die…. You’re welcome,’ Royce wrote in a post on Instagram.