12-Year Old Girl Nyla Hayes Makes $1.6 Million Selling NFT Art

12-Year Old Girl Nyla Hayes Makes $1.6 Million Selling NFT Art


12-Year Old Girl Nyla Hayes Makes $1.6 Million Selling NFT Art Photo: Twitter @NylaCollection

Nyla Hayes is shaking up the non-fungible token (NFT) art world. Not only did she make $1.6 million in a few hours from her NFT collections, her NFT artwork has amassed $5.8 million in total, and she was also selected by Time magazine to be the first artist for its own NFT platform called TimePieces. And, she is only 12 years old. 

Hayes is the creator of the Long Neckie Collection, an NFT collection worth about $3.4 million in digital currency.

Like cryptocurrency, NFTs are cryptographic tokens recorded on a blockchain and can be used to prove the authenticity, ownership, and provenance of anything – physical or non-physical, Money Week reported. This includes artwork, collectible cards, or real estate, among other items. “Non-fungible” means that the token is unique and cannot be duplicated or swapped for anything else.

Her first collection had 75 art pieces; the second one released consisted of 3,333 portraits of women, and it sold out in a matter of hours, Business Insider reported. Her artwork earned her 1,394 ETH, approximately worth $5.8 million from her primary and secondary sales. Her work was honored by Time magazine by picking her as the first artist for its own NFT platform called TimePieces. 

She has been drawing since she was four years old, according to her website. She loved to draw the long-necked Brontosaurus Dino Dan, a character on a TV show about dinosaurs. It was the inspiration behind the Long Neckie Collection, Business Insider reported. 

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The collection features diverse women with elongated necks inspired by Dino Dan.

“I made drawings of people with long necks, which I call Long Neckies. This past March, my uncle told my mom about NFTs. We watched YouTube to learn how to create and sell them. Soon, people were buying NFTs of my Long Neckies. I have made more than 960 ETH. (That’s digital currency worth about $3.4 million.),” she told TIME for Kids. “Being part of the NFT community is amazing!”

The digital artist started drawing on a smartphone and then an iPad. She uploads them to NFT Marketplace OpenSea.