Apple Resets Electric Car Strategy, Car Will Be Ready In 2025

Apple Resets Electric Car Strategy, Car Will Be Ready In 2025


Apple Resets Electric Car Strategy, Car Will Be Ready In 2025. Photo: Twitter

Apple is resetting its electric car strategy to focus on creating a fully autonomous, self-driving vehicle. The company is aiming to have the car ready by 2025, Bloomberg reported.

The company has considered two different approaches to creating its car over the last two years: the fully autonomous approach, in which it is now vested, and one with limited self-driving capabilities but a focus on steering and acceleration.

“That’s what Apple does. They only enter new product categories when they’re able to come out with the leapfrog product … now it’s the car’s turn and they want to release something that really no one else has really been successfully able to nail and that’s what they’re doing for this,” consumer tech journalist Mark Gurman told Bloomberg in an interview.

“That’s how it’s been described to me,” Gurman continued. “They really want to create a car that’s a hands-free experience. They’re redesigning the interior and exterior around the idea of having a car with no wheels or pedals.”

The process is being overseen by veteran Apple software executive Kevin Lynch, who took over from Doug Field after the latter left the tech giant for a position at Ford Motor Company.

The car’s design is also void of pedals, has no steering wheel and features open-concept seating similar to that in Canoo vehicles. It will come with an “iPad-like” display.

Apple shares rose 2.4 percent to 157.23 after the news was reported by Bloomberg. However, Apple has declined to comment. Bloomberg said its sources went on the record anonymously.

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Known internally as “Project Titan,” Apple’s electric car project was started in 2014. If the company successfully meets its target date, it will have accomplished a feat that has eluded other car makers for years – including Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Twitter users were divided on the subject. Some said they doubted Apple’s ambitious plans for an EV could trump Tesla’s many years of experience in the industry.

“Lmao where do you think Tesla will be in 4 years- Standing still? Or way ahead of where they are now? Apple had their chance to be competitive in EVs, and they blew it. Project Titan is DOA,” @PapayaTwizzla chimed in.

“That’s what I’m thinking 2025 is way too long to be just entering the space! And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Apple hire Teslas old software engineer that they let go of?” @MIBFPod tweeted.

“Apple won’t even come close to touching Tesla. Tesla has been collecting millions on top of millions of miles of data over the last decade-plus,” @BigDwagRivs5 tweeted. “They’ve finally been able to get production scaling up with several more Gigafactories opening up. Absolutely no one will catch them.”

Others thought Apple could repeat history and be the first to innovate. “A. Real level 5 ain’t happening for anyone in 5 years. But B. The car market is going to be wide open over the next decade. If any entity could out tesla tesla w high quality hardware it would be apple,” @DaveMinnigerode tweeted.

“I said the same thing about Apple Watches and look where we are. Where’s BlackBerry and Nokia? @RealJoseph123 said.