Business Consultant And Wellbeing Researcher: It’s Time For Black Americans To Break Up With Democratic Party

Business Consultant And Wellbeing Researcher: It’s Time For Black Americans To Break Up With Democratic Party

Black Americans

Business Consultant And Wellbeing Researcher: It’s Time For Black Americans To Break Up With Democratic Party. MAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR THE CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY BLACK CAUCUS - Prop 15 speaker: Molly Watson, Courage California and Black Women's Dem Club, CDP Black Caucus Representative and HEIRS PAC founder, Dallas Fowler, Prop 16 speaker SCLC-LA President and LAM Advisory Board Member, Pastor William Smart, and Prop 17 speaker, Brooke Ervin show their support of four pro-Black ballot initiatives on the November California ballot at a press conference hosted by the California Democratic Party Black Caucus and Black leaders on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020 in Los Angeles. The press conference, one of four hosted simultaneously statewide by the Black Caucus in Sacramento, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego—was a call on Black Californians to support pro-Black ballot initiatives including Prop 15 (split roll tax), Prop 16 (repeal of Prop 209), Prop 17 (restoration of voting rights for felons on parole) and Prop 21 (rent control) as well as call out the recent egregious attempts by bad actors within the African American community to mislead the voter. (Mark Von Holden/AP Images for the California Democratic Party Black Caucus)

Black Americans have carried the Democratic Party to victory in elections for decades. This fact was on full display last year when they helped catapult then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden to the presidency. Yet, year after year, issues that are important to Black Americans are either tabled or rejected by Congress. Now one business consultant and wellbeing researcher says it’s time for Black Americans to break up with the Democratic Party.

In an op-ed published in Newsweek on Monday, Nov. 15, Pamela Denise Long made her case why she believes a break-up is necessary. She began with spotlighting how Democrats lost to Republicans in recent elections and noted it may be more than a passing trend.

“The truth is, all is not well between Black America and the Democratic Party, and the November 2021 election night results might very well turn out to be the rumblings of a breakup that is long overdue,” Long wrote.

“In Black America, there is a growing contempt for an influential far Left that talks a ‘woke’ game on diversity and appropriates our struggle in their ads and talking points but offers our communities little beyond the feeling of inclusion,” Long continued. “Far-Left agenda items like Abolish ICE, Defund the Police and other ‘social justice’ mainstays make use of provocative wordsmithing to commodify the Black American experience of racial exclusion while providing career and other benefits to white liberals.”

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Black Americans have been left out of progress and refused redress, despite white liberals using “Black American civil rights wins to advance their own agendas,” Long added.

“They’ve implemented destructive criminal justice laws and incomplete education paradigms. They have conflated discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender with the horror of anti-Black racism. They have prioritized immigrants and those they presume are legitimate refugees at our expense, distributing redress and now possibly even reparations to those who knowingly broke U.S. immigration laws,” Long wrote.

Pointing out there is indeed a difference between Black Americans and people of color, Long said white liberals and progressives fail to make the important distinction between the groups. The result is that many other marginalized groups receive justice, while Black Americans are left lingering and waiting, not just for what they’ve been promised, but what they are owed.

It is a systemic problem, which Long compared to an arranged marriage.

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“At best, the marriage between Black Americans and Democrats has been an arranged one,” she wrote. “Back when Republicans and Democrats switched costumes, Nixon-era Republicans were so uncomfortable with Black Americans that the ‘lesser of two evils’ became the Black American way,” Long said. “But that code of conduct has since lost its utility.”

Long called out white liberals and progressives who advocate against anti-Black racism to win elections but deliver no substantial support or progress after they attain victory. “That is the liberal way: Use Black American pain to demonize the Right and make yourself feel virtuous—then prioritize every other group but us,” she wrote.

It’s time for the Black American vote being taken for granted by Democrats to end, Long says. She said she believes that will only happen if Black Americans sever ties with the Democratic Party – which she said is overloaded with broken promises.

“There should be hell to pay for that. Black Americans and descendants of slaves, in particular, should partner with political stakeholders based on values and economic outcomes rather than something as blind as party affiliation. This should be too obvious to say aloud, and I believe that soon it will be,” Long continued.

“As a seventh-generation freedom-loving American and a descendant of U.S. slaves, the new code of political conduct should be, if we don’t eat, then nobody eats, and may those who take from our plate choke on what they’ve stolen,” she added.

“For each, the question hanging in the air from Black America is a simple one: ‘What have you done for me lately?’ And the answer is, ‘Not a damn thing,’” Long wrote. “It’s time for Black Americans to break up with the Democratic Party. If they want our votes, let them earn them.”