Putting In Work: 5 Things To Know About The Sisters Of Watts Organization

Putting In Work: 5 Things To Know About The Sisters Of Watts Organization

Sisters Of Watts

Putting In Work: 5 Things To Know About The Sisters Of Watts Organization. Photo: Twitter

“Don’t bring me problems without solutions.” It is a well-known sentiment among purpose-driven people and the Sisters of Watts live it out frequently in their community.

The mission of the Los Angeles-based nonprofit is “to unite neighborhoods, promote community, strengthen families, and form meaningful relationships.” They do so in a variety of ways.

Here are five things to know about the Sisters Of Watts organization.

1. Sisters of Watts was founded by a group of friends and family members in 2016

According to Sisters of Watts CEO Robin Daniels, the nonprofit was founded after she and some of her sisters, cousins and friends had a discussion about the limited options youth in their community had.

The close-knit group includes Daniels, her sisters Keisha Daniels and Penny Daniels, Jessica Crummie, and their cousin Joann Smith. They wanted to do something to change it.

“We were all sitting around talking about our childhood days and we all were saying we wanted to do something to give back to our community. Looking at how much has changed and how the kids in our community were limited on the things do, we decided that we would start our own nonprofit to contribute to the change and be a solution to the problem,” Robin told Voyage LA.

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2. The name was chosen to denote unity

“We came up with the name Sisters of Watts because as a community we are sisters and brothers. We work closely with each other and we love our community and we love that we are products of Watts,” Robin continued. “We are a team of people who care. There is no “I” in team with the Sisters of Watts. I want make sure people know that the sisters of watts is more than one person. This is a family thing. We all started this together and because our bond is so tight we will always be together.”

3. The nonprofit runs several programs that help youth and families in their community

What started as a discussion between friends and family blossomed into a grassroots organization that focuses year-round on mentorship, after-school care, workshops and events in the Watts community.

In addition to annual programs like its bookbag giveaway and family fun nights, Sisters of Watts have often fed the community, organized marches, empowered 10 mothers, supported small and local businesses, hosted holiday parties and Easter egg hunts, offered free legal advice, given away shoes, assisted seniors with essential items during covid-19, helped coordinate vaccine drives and more.

“Sisters of Watts make it their business to engage with and support small businesses, and entertain their talents, to see where the professional skills can be used as a useful resource for the Watts community,” Sister of Watts member Tamecia Jones told Attorney At Law Magazine. “What sets us apart from other nonprofits is that we really care this is our home, our families and our friends. We live and breathe helping people.”


4. The organization implemented Manhood Mondays to give young men encouragement and motivation

Every Monday at the 96th Street School, Sisters of Watts asks young men to wear a tie and bring in speakers to empower them.

“We also implemented Manhood Mondays at 96th Street School, where we would ask the young boys to wear a tie on Mondays because if you start your week off feeling and looking your best, you will end the same way,” Robins said. “We had some young men to visit and talked with the boys about being a boy growing up in Watts and how to deal with the many challenges and peer pressure. We gave them a tie and taught them how to tie it, being that most of these young boys did not have a father figure in the house to show them.”

5. Sisters of Watts was honored as Nonprofit of the Year in 2018

According to Robin, 64th District Assemblyman Mike A. Gibson honored Sisters of Watts for their service to the community after partnering with them for more than a year.

“After our second year of being of service to our community we were honored by Mike A. Gibson in Sacramento at the 2018 California Non-Profit Organization Annual Awards as Non-profit of the year for the 64th District. This was a honor and highlight of one of our greatest accomplishments. Every chance that we get we are trying to do something for our community,” Robin said.