Rev. Jesse Jackson Hospitalized After Falling At Howard University

Rev. Jesse Jackson Hospitalized After Falling At Howard University

Jessee Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson Hospitalized After Falling At Howard University. In this photo, Reverend Jesse Jackson speaks to supporters rallying outside of the Minneapolis Police third precinct in Minneapolis on April 19, 2021, after the murder trial against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin advanced to jury deliberations. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Rev. Jesse Jackson has been hospitalized again after falling and hitting his head during a visit to Howard University.

“When Rev. Jackson entered a building on campus, he fell and hit his head. His staff took him to the Howard University Hospital where various tests were run including a CT scan. The results came back normal. However, hospital officials decided to keep Rev. Jackson overnight for observation,” the Rainbow PUSH Coalition said in a statement

Jackson, 80, was on the campus of the Washington, D.C.-based HBCU to attend a town hall meeting in support of Howard students who’ve been making headlines for their protest against unsanitary living conditions at the school. He’d also had a two-and-a-half hour meeting with Howard President Wayne A.I. Frederick.

“We can confirm that Rev. Jackson was taken to the hospital by a university administrator and was later joined by Dr. Wayne Frederick. Our prayers are with the Jackson family,” Howard said in a statement on Twitter.

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People sent well wishes on social media. “Lorddd… I hope #JesseJackson is ok…,” @msjusice tweeted. “Prayers for a speedy recovery for @RevJJackson,” Sirius XM host Joe Madison wrote.

Jackson’s daughter, Santita Jackson, tweeted a positive update Monday. “Family, he’s resting comfortably & doing well: we thank u 4 ur prayers! Fighting 4 u is what he’ll always do. His goal is 2 ensure the well-being of @HowardU students: #MissionAccomplished,” Santita wrote.

While on campus, Jackson also sat with students and led them in activist chants. “We’re better together. Keep hope alive. Never surrender. … Hold out. Hold on. Keep hope alive,” Jackson had students repeat after him.

Howard students were elated to meet the legendary civil right icon, with one student tweeting, “Rev. Jesse Jackson shook my hand today. That’s it… that’s all I got. I’m still v much so freaking out.”

Some Twitter users said it was time for Jackson’s team to limit his public appearances because he needs to rest. “Rev Jesse Jackson Fell on the campus of Howard University and hit his head And he had to be hospitalized Rev Jackson has Parkinson Disease and it’s time for the people around him to scale back his public appearances Don’t exploit and use Rev Jackson he has DONE ENOUGH for us,” @malcolmshabazz6 tweeted.

“Lord @RevJJackson baby sit down. You have fought the good fight. Time for everyone to take care of you now,” @miaebey wrote.


This latest incident comes after Rev. Jackson and his wife Jacqueline, 77, were both hospitalized in August after contracting covid-19. Rev. Jackson was vaccinated, but Jacqueline was not.

Jacqueline’s case was more severe than her husband’s, however, the Rev.’s ability to walk and talk was affected by the virus and he was subsequently transferred to a different facility to receive physical therapy.

He was released in late September.