Black America Voices Concerns About YouTube Showing Naked Lil Nas X Videos To Kids

Black America Voices Concerns About YouTube Showing Naked Lil Nas X Videos To Kids

Lil Nas X

Black America Voices Concerns About YouTube Showing Naked Lil’ Nas X Videos To Kids Photo: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT MODIFIED BY MMG

Openly gay hip-hop artist Lil Nas X may be racking up hit singles and praise from the LGBTQ community for coming out, but he is also stacking up criticism from Black parents over his uncensored video in which he and other Black men appear naked. Parents want YouTube to stop showing it.

In July, Lil Nas X dropped an “uncensored” version of his video “Industry Baby.” The video, which takes place inside a prison, shows Lil Nas X dancing naked with a group of other naked “inmates.”

Parents hit back, calling for YouTube to take down “Industry Baby” and the video for the song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” which includes his lap dance for Satan, Billboard reported.

Lil Nas X responded by saying parents should be in control of what their children listen to and view. 

“I literally sing about lean & adultery in old town road. u decided to let your child listen. blame yourself,” he has said about his song “Old Town Road,” Yahoo reported.

Lil Nas X has spoken out before about being accused of “targeting kids.” He said, “i made the decision to create the music video. i am an adult. i am not gonna spend my entire career trying to cater to your children. that is your job.” 

Lil Nas X also clapped back at parents on TikTok when reacted to a video of a woman sarcastically showing concern about the effects one of his videos would have on her toddler.

“Industry Baby” has continued to stir up controversy. “White corporate music execs funded a music video with Lil Nas X, where a bunch of Black men are in prison twerking,” wrote one Twitter user. “… all the Black men are sexually engaging with each other. This is progress?”

“Lemme explain,” Nas replied on Twitter, with a tongue-in-cheek response: “Lil nas = gay, so he wit boy…got it??”

In another tweet, he wrote, “All jokes aside the idea of a gay agenda doesn’t make sense. if someone influences you to suck cock you probably already wanted to suck cock.”

In a separate post, he later defended his sexuality, tweeting, “Many, if not all, of these artists, had to hide their sexuality for majority of their career. You seem to only respect gay artists when the gay part is tucked away. you don’t like me because i embrace my sexuality instead of hiding it and never speaking on it for your comfort.”

Foundational Black American founder Tariq Nasheed tweeted a challenge, “Go to Youtube and type in ‘Baby Videos’ and tell me what’s the 3rd video you see.”

Foundational Black American advocates for reparations for Native Black Americans.

Mama Bear @TierraLarai_ tweeted, “This was the THIRD video that popped up when I searched ‘Baby videos’ on YouTube. How much more proof do people need that they are after our kids???” with an image of Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” video.

All on one Accord @BlacksOrganize tweeted, “Sick ass shit. Lil Nas X Despicable ass comes up.”


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Many parents place the blame on YouTube, saying the platform doen’t have enough child safety tools.

“For a long time, the YouTube algorithm was pushing sexually explicit, inappropriate content to children in an incident known as Elsagate. This incident was the name given to a swarm of supposedly child-friendly videos that featured highly inappropriate content,” Hacked reported. These videos targeted children by featuring popular children’s characters like Elsa and Spider-Man, but in fact, featured themes such as death, mutilation, and drug use.

Hacked is a website that claims to “restore hacked accounts, remove online content, and secure our clients’ online presence.”

Videos that fall under the category of “Elsagate” are “all extremely low-budget, low-effort, and populated with unlicensed Disney characters behaving oddly, to the tune of nursery rhymes,” Forbes reported. Many are “creepy live-action dress-up, are scenes of a violent and/or sexual nature, starring your child’s favorite animated character.” Many of them feature Spiderman and the Elsa character from the children’s film “Frozen” and are either live action or animated.

YouTube responded by creating new guidelines and deleting channels. This doesn’t solve the problem. Elsagate-style videos are still available on the video streaming platform, Hacked reported.