Wild Wild South: Atlanta Man Starts Bustin’ In Bar Over Spilled Drink, Caught On Facebook Live

Wild Wild South: Atlanta Man Starts Bustin’ In Bar Over Spilled Drink, Caught On Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Wild Wild South: Atlanta Man Starts Bustin' In Bar Over Spilled Drink, Caught On Facebook Live Photo: Facebook Live screenshot

A wild shootout in a Georgia bar was caught on Facebook Live on Sunday night.

James Simpson was at the Sudo’s Bar and Grill in Rockdale County, about 25 miles from Atlanta, when he got into a fight with another man over a spilled drink around 10:30 p.m. Simpson pulled out a gun and fired at the man, in the process injuring three people — a security guard and two customers, WSBTV reported.

A Rockdale County sheriff’s deputy was working off duty at the bar and was able to take the gun from Simpson. Simpson was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault and reckless conduct, CBS 46 reported. 

The three shooting victims are said to have non-life-threatening injuries. 



Joel Powell @joelpowell tweeted, “Using a firearm is for life or death situations, which this wasn’t. Stupid pride and acting tough for clout has gotten too many folks done in… whether they lost their life in the altercation or in the penitentiary. This was totally avoidable.”


Atlanta has been plagued with violent crimes. Homicides are up nearly 60 percent in the city so far in 2021.

Atlanta police have investigated 64 homicide cases in 2021, a 58 percent increase over this time last year. The increase comes on the heels of a historically dangerous 2020, when police investigated 157 homicides — the most in more than two decades, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. 

Sudo’s Bar and Grill wasn’t the only site of Labor Day weekend shootings in the Atlanta area. At least five people were hurt on Sept. 6 in an early-morning shooting near a nightclub in Atlanta, according to an Atlanta police officer.

Officers responded to a call regarding “multiple people shot” around 6 a.m., not far from the Marquette Lounge. Police found five people suffering from gunshot wounds that appeared to be non-life-threatening, 11 Alive reported.

The shootings may have stemmed from a fight that happened at the Marquette Lounge, according to a preliminary investigation. Police said the suspect fled the scene before officers arrived and is still at large. 

Witnesses said the shooting took place at a Black gay pride event held at the club after a fight broke out outside the club. A man started shooting in the air and into the crowd, WSBTV reported. Hip-hop artist Lil Kim was scheduled to appear at the event.

Atlanta City Councilman Michael Bond said this is yet another example of violence outside a club. He is proposing a new law at the Atlanta City Council that would require liquor license holders who own the adjacent parking lot to extend their security beyond their establishment’s walls, 11 Alive reported.

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