Google Program Highlights Black-Owned Media In Buying Marketplace, Making It Easier For Advertisers To Support Them

Google Program Highlights Black-Owned Media In Buying Marketplace, Making It Easier For Advertisers To Support Them

Black-Owned Media

Google Program Highlights Black-Owned Media In Buying Marketplace, Making Easier For Advertisers To Support Them. Group of mixed race colleagues in modern meeting room with laptop computer encouraging two attractive African American business professionals leading a collaborative discussion.

A Google initiative created to highlight Black-owned media for potential advertisers is expanding, bringing the company’s pledged commitment to help underrepresented companies back to the forefront.

In an email sent from Google AdSense on Friday, Sept. 3, the online giant announced one of its buyers, Display & Video 360, will be adding women and Latin-owned businesses to its broader initiative aimed at promoting racial equity.

The initiative was originally announced in an article written by Google CEO Sundar Pichai in June 2020 after the murder of George Floyd and proceeding unprecedented Black Lives Matter protests.

Pichai wrote Google was “working quickly to give merchants in the U.S. the option of adding a ‘Black-owned’ business attribute to their Business Profile on Google to help people find and support Black-owned local businesses by using Search and Maps.”

His article was followed by one written by serial entrepreneur and Head of Google for Startups U.S. Jewel Burks Solomon, published July 30, 2020. “Today’s updates are a part of our company-wide effort to support Black-owned businesses through products and meaningful partnerships,” Burks Solomon wrote.

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Display & Video 360 took that work a step further by specifically “highlighting self-identified Black-owned publishers within Marketplace, as part of Google’s commitments to racial equity.” In short the program allows “interested advertisers to thoughtfully design campaigns that support underrepresented businesses.”

In addition to making Google’s “products more inclusive,” the initiative also makes “it easier for customers to find and support underrepresented businesses.” Google said it is still a pilot program and asked people to stay tuned for further expansion.

According to the latest email, Black-owned media and other underrepresented publishers must have the following to be eligible to participate:

  • Their own Google AdSense or Ad Manager account
  • A billing address located in the United States; for Ad Manager, the network must have country set at ‘United States’
  • The Google entity that signed the self-identified AdSense or Ad Manager contract must be Google LLC
  • Publisher’s organization must be majority owned and controlled by members of the group they are self-identifying as (Black, Women, or Latino)

To learn more information or sign up for the program, click here to complete the necessary form.