Court Docs: The FBI Funded Neo-Nazi Book Publisher And Informant With $100,000+

Court Docs: The FBI Funded Neo-Nazi Book Publisher And Informant With $100,000+

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U.S. Attorney Brian Moran announces charges against neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division members for cyber-stalking and mailing threatening communications including Swastika-laden posters in a campaign against journalists, Feb. 26, 2020, during a news conference in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) paid a white supremacist leader who is connected to a neo-Nazi book publisher more than $100,000 as an informant in the takedown of a neo-Nazi organization, court documents have revealed.

The informant, identified as Joshua Caleb Sutter of Columbia, South Carolina, worked with the FBI since 2003, according to records obtained by investigative journalist Ali Winston of The Intercept.

Sutter was a member of the neo-Nazi terrorist network The Atomwaffen Division, listed as a hate group and as a terrorist group by multiple governments.

While the court records did not expressly mention Sutter, a description of the FBI’s informant points to his cooperation, according to Winston.

Sutter began his 16-year career as a professional informant in exchange for consideration regarding his sentence on a federal conviction for possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number and an unregistered silencer.

The FBI recruited Sutter to crack down on the Texas-based Atomwaffen Division and Kaleb Cole, believed to be a prominent member of the group.  

The Atomwaffen Division was formed officially in 2015 under John Cameron Denton of Virginia based in the southern U.S. The organization has membership in Canada, the U.K., Germany and other European countries.

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“The government has informed defense counsel that the Confidential Informant (CI), in this case, has worked as an informant for the FBI for approximately the past 16 years, “ Winston wrote.

“Since 2003, he has been paid over $140,000 for his work. More importantly, the CI has been paid $78,133.20 plus an expense advance of $4,378.60 since February 7, 2018, which almost entirely coincides with his work on the investigation into Mr. Cole and Atomwaffen.”

Members of the Atomwaffen Division have been convicted of a number of murders, planned terrorist attacks and other criminal actions, including the alleged killing of a gay Jewish college student in January 2018.

Documents filed in federal court describe the informant as a “convicted felon” who currently owns and operates a publishing company that distributes white supremacist writings.

Sutter’s father, David, a Pentecostal minister, is well known as a purveyor of racist memorabilia at the Southern Patriot Shop in Columbia, where both men worked.

Sutter married the owner of a publishing house that self-described as a “decidedly darker spiritual press” which printed neo-Nazi propaganda. He eventually began to operate the company himself.

They have published  many controversial works, including “The Devil’s Quran,” a book that promises to provide “a path for those who are willing to enter Hell and claim the Devil as their lord.”