Tik Tok User Floats Credible Conspiracy Theory: Jay-Z Wears A Dreadlock Wig

Tik Tok User Floats Credible Conspiracy Theory: Jay-Z Wears A Dreadlock Wig


Tik Tok User Floats Credible Conspiracy Theory: Jay-Z Wears A Dreadlock Wig. In the original photo, Jay-Z attends the 40/40 Club's 18th-anniversary celebration Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021, in New York. (Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)

Social media users are “SCREAMINGGGGGGGGG” laughing after a Tik Tok user explained what many believe is a credible theory that hip-hop billionaire Jay-Z has been wearing a dreadlock wig.

On Sunday, Aug. 28, Tik Tok user @lisadabahdest posted a video stating that she was convinced “Jay-Z is wearing a half wig.” She made the video in response to another user’s question asking people to weigh in about “a conspiracy theory that you 1,000 percent believe in.” Then @lisadabahdest proceeded to lay out her case with “evidence” to support her claim.

“Let me lay out the facts. I stumbled upon this theory years ago when I realized the placement of Jay-Z’s bandanas. Take a look, if you will. Anybody that wears wigs can tell you that is the leave out bandana placement,” @lisadabahdest said, before showing several pictures to illustrate her point.

“So I started thinking like, ‘Damn, you know,’” she continued. “I was just putting two and two together and then I decided, ‘Let me do some research.’”


That research included going to Beyonce’s social media to compare photos of the “4:44” MCs “considerable amount of new growth” from March 2018 to September 2018. Before continuing, @lisadabahdest made it clear to the Beyhive there was no shade intended, but rather she was trying to get to the bottom of why Jay-Z had such thick, black locs.

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She pointed out Jay-Z’s age (51) and cited research stating that most men lose a considerable amount of hair by the age of 50. She thought it was questionable that Jay-Z had seemingly done the opposite. “Hairline has yet to recede, I’m not hating, I’m just saying … and there’s no perceptible thinness. In fact it looks quite full,” @lisadabahdest continued.

After presenting her compelling case, she left it up to users to decide.

“So the question remains, do we think in the Year of Our Lord 2021, a 51-year-old man not only has the thickness of hair and the fullness of the hairline, but also no grays? I leave it to you,” @lisadabahdest said.

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Social media users found the theory both hilarious and credible. The comments lit up in response. “I just found a conspiracy TikTok that says Jay-Z is wearing a half wig and i am SCREAMINGGGGGGGGG,” @smoke_nd_pearlz tweeted.

“Strong thesis…great supporting references. Girl, you are a scholar,” Tik Tok user @jennifern28 commented. “Yeah my dad was born in 69 and he bald YOU MIGHT GOT A POINT LOL,” @pattilabelleslapel added.

“She really laid it out there,” @pearltypeofgurl wrote. “Sis presented solid evidence,” @isaidfawkyou agreed. “I need part 2. She got me,” @3amStroke added.

“Leave out bandana” has me crying. Now whenever I see pics of him that’s all I’m gonna be looking at,” Twitter user @Kisey chimed in. “Man wow, this is crazy cause a full head of locs at 50 is truly wild as sh*t,” @OnlyKayla added.

It seems like @lisadabahdest has converted many to believers. One user even said Jay himself admitted on his “4:44” album he was wearing a wig.

“He told y’all this in BAM on 4:44! ‘Lace front to the back don’t front. Y’all gone make me wig. Imma give y’all what y’all want,'” Twitter user @glassofclass wrote.