President Joe Biden Calls His Advisor Cedric Richmond ‘Boy’

President Joe Biden Calls His Advisor Cedric Richmond ‘Boy’


President Joe Biden Calls His Advisor Cedric Richmond 'Boy'. Photo: Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden greets Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., left, as he arrives at Columbus Airport in Columbus, Ga., Oct. 27, 2020, to travel to Warm Springs, Ga. for a rally. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

There’s a debate underway on Twitter over whether or not President Joe Biden introduced one of his senior advisers as his “boy” during an Aug. 30 virtual briefing on Hurricane Ida held by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“We’re waiting for a few more people to get on, but we’re going to get started if that’s OK with you all,” Biden said. “I’m here with my senior adviser and, uh, boy who knows Louisiana very well, man. And New Orleans. Cedric Richmond,” Mediate reported.

Richmond represented Louisiana in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2011 until leaving Congress to work in Biden’s White House earlier this year. He became a senior adviser in the Executive Office of the President and has often defended Biden to Black America, even claiming that Biden was taking the issue of reparations seriously.

Neither Richmond nor anyone else in the Wite House commented on Biden’s seemingly racist slip of the tongue, but people on Twitter noticed.

Curtis Houck, managing editor of the conservative blog News Busters, tweeted, “Not only does Biden not sound great here, but also called Cedric Richmond ‘boy,’ something the left would lose it if he were a Republican: ‘I’m here with — with my senior adviser and boy who knows Louisiana very, very well — man — and — and New Orleans, Cedric Richmond.'”

“If any bidy on the right called a@black man “boy”, they’d be turning in their resignation, regardless of circumstance,” jay wils @bake_and_shake1 tweeted in reply.

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But others defended the remark.

“It’s fun watching white folks who get paid to say that racism isn’t real, turn around and tell me something benign like this is racist” Dev @DevonGGz tweeted.

“You do realize, dependent upon context, ‘boy’ is a term of endearment. As in ‘my boy'” Joe Holder @JoeHolder_ tweeted.

Biden’s “boy” reference wasn’t directed at Richmond, tweeted marilou moseley @DeMoseley. “That’s not to refer to a person. It’s an interjection of elation. E.g.# ‘boy am I happy you came !'”

When former President Donald Trump called Gregory Cheadle “my African American” during a 2016 presidential rally, it not only made the news but caused a major backlash against Trump.

“Oh give me a break lol. ‘Look over there, look at my African American over there'” tweeted @demorants in a reminder of former Trump’s racial faux pas.

Trump singled out Cheadle as an attempt to prove he had support among African Americans.

 Cheadle, who worked in real estate in California, ultimately announced he was leaving the GOP, telling PBS News Hour that he believes the Republican Party is pursuing a “pro-white” agenda and using Black people like him as “political pawns.”

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