10 Things To Know About Legendary Natural Healer Dr. Sebi

10 Things To Know About Legendary Natural Healer Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi

10 Things To Know About Legendary Natural Healer Dr. Sebi. Image: https://drsebiscellfood.com/

Before he was murdered, legendary hip-hop artist Nipsey Hussle was working on a documentary about the life and work of renowned herbalist and self-proclaimed natural healer Alfredo Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi. Fellow rapper and filmmaker Nick Cannon vowed to see the project through.

Dr. Sebi was born on Nov. 26, 1933, in the village of Ilanga, Honduras, where he was raised and home-schooled by his beloved grandmother, who was known as Mama Hay. She influenced his understanding of nature and helped build him into a world-renowned herbalist.

On his website, Dr. Sebi claimed to be a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist, though he was not a medical doctor or a licensed healthcare practitioner of any kind.

Dr. Sebi died in August 2016 at the age of 82 in police custody in Honduras due to complications from pneumonia.

Here are 10 things you need to know about legendary natural healer Dr. Sebi.

He claimed to have the cure for AIDS

Dr. Sebi infamously claimed to have the cure for AIDS, herpes, cancer and many other conditions and was tried in a U.S. court for these claims. He also denied that HIV causes AIDS.

He was sued in New York state after claiming he had cured AIDS in 1993 and was ordered to stop making medical claims about his diet’s benefits.

”Dr. Sebi went to trial in New York because he put in the newspaper that he cured AIDS. He beat the case. Then he went to federal court the next day, and he beat the case. But nobody talks about it,” Nipsy Hussle, the 33-year-old Los Angles-based hip-hop artist and entrepreneur who was slain before he finished working on Sebi’s documentary, said.

Treated high-profile clientele

Dr. Sebi dedicated his life to the pursuit of natural plant-based approaches for disease prevention and health management. He treated high-profile clientele including Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC and Teddy Pendergrass. He claimed that he tried to get Michael Jackson off painkillers.

African and American herbal wisdom

Dr. Sebi spent decades studying herbs in Africa, the Caribbean, and North, Central and South America. He met a herbalist in Mexico who alleviated all his health complaints. The Mexican herbalist told him that being from Africa, he should follow an original African diet. Sebi was inspired by the robust healing potential of herbs to create natural vegetation cell food compounds that he claimed cleaned and replenished the body. This resulted in a product known as Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food.

Quest for alkalinity

Sebi’s central belief was that alkaline foods and herbs are necessary to control the acid in our bodies. He believed that an alkaline diet could cure any disease. He further argued that this alkaline state protects us from mucus build-up, which causes disease. An alkaline diet typically does not include meats, seafood, eggs, dairy, sugar, processed foods and wheat. However, there is no research behind alkalinizing the body, and science does not support the claims made by Bowman or similar alkaline regiments

Sebi’s African bio-mineral balance compounds

Sebi’s Cell Food products are also known as African Bio-mineral Balance compounds and they include herbs, algae and seaweeds. For $30 you can buy a bottle of his Bromide Plus capsules, which are said to contain “Irish sea moss” a species of red algae and bladderwrack(a seaweed). Below the ingredient list of ingredients there is a disturbing notice that says ”Dr. Sebi’s original and unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here”, which constitutes a significant liability

Mainly sold ‘detoxification’ solutions

Many of Sebi’s compounds are sold as “detoxification” solutions although it is clear that our body does not require regular detox. Our kidneys and liver do all the work of filtering our blood. The toxins we have meant to fear are always vague and are not properly defined, and the detox solutions we are sold have never been shown to have any impact on this hazy bugaboo.

Bowman’s diet

The Bowman’s diet has a “nutritional guide” which provides a list of foods you are allowed to eat (it is specific) along with some other guidelines. The diet prescribes a strict form of veganism. His diet advises taking Dr. Sebi ”Cell Food” supplements. The program, which has gender options, costs between $750 and $1,500.

In addition, there are several rules to the diet, such as avoiding food that is not listed in his nutritional guide and drink one gallon of natural spring water per day. He recommends that any Dr. Sebi products be taken an hour before “pharmaceuticals.”

He was arrested for money laundering

Dr. Sebi was arrested at Juan Manuel Galvez de Roatan Airport on May 28, 2016, and charged with money laundering. He and his counterpart, Pablo Medina Gamboa, were allegedly carrying up to $50,000 in cash but could not provide authorities with paperwork proving the source of the cash.

Sebi’s family worked to get him out of custody but he became increasingly sick in jail and died before they could succeed. In July 2016, a month before his death, a tweet from his account said he was “alive and well”.

Dr. Sebi, Nipsey Hussle and Nick Cannon

Hip-hop artist Nipsey Hussle was working on a documentary about the life and work of Dr. Sebi before Hussle was murdered in March 2019. Hussle discussed his Dr. Sebi documentary on The Breakfast Club in February 2019, a month before his death.

Fellow rapper and filmmaker Nick Cannon vowed to see the project through.

“Where you left off, we gonna carry on! It’s a marathon, so I’m picking up the baton! Because they can’t kill us all,” Cannon said in a 2019 post eulogizing Hussle. ”Now, your message is my message! Your work is my work! I know you still rocking with us and your voice will never be silenced because to be absent from the body is to be present with the Most High!”

In March 2020, under the caption “As promised,” Cannon released a trailer for “Strong Enemies: The Untold Case of Dr. Sebi” on Instagram.

In January 2021, Memphis hip-hop artist NLE Choppa of No Love Entertainment tweeted out a request for an update on the release of the documentary.

“Damn @NickCannon when you gone finish Nipsey Documentary he was making for Dr. Sebi I’ll finish it if you ain’t trying to,” NLE Choppa said.

Cannon replied with this tweet: “Don’t let me Halt your Greatness King! There can be more than one storyteller for these exceptional and honorable men! Go for it! Make your own documentary as well! As for ‘Strong Enemies’ we are in a cinematic process called Post Production.”

That got some laughs on Twitter.

“Lol…. “a cinematic process called post production lol” Saint Muthafuckin Matthias tweeted @fattdaddi_.

“Nick we need this film” Da_precha tweeted.

That was seven months ago.


His legacy lives through millions around the world

Dr. Sebi passed away leaving a legacy of natural healing knowledge, philosophy and wisdom that is our duty to pass onto future generations for the healing of all mankind. His efforts continue to enrich the health and wellbeing of millions of people around the world.

“I say to my brothers and sisters, if nothing else we do, let us be tolerant of each other…and share LOVE”-Dr. Sebi.


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