Police: Anti-Vax Nurse Gave 8,600 People Saline, Not Covid Vaccine

Police: Anti-Vax Nurse Gave 8,600 People Saline, Not Covid Vaccine


Police: Anti-Vax Nurse Gave 8,600 People Saline, Not Covid Vaccine. Photo: A health worker injects a doctor with a dose of AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine at Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi, Vietnam, March 8, 2021. (AP Photo/Hau Dinh)

Thousands of people in Germany may have been injected with saline solution by an anti-vax nurse instead of receiving a covid-19 vaccination. 

Authorities are investigating a nurse’s actions at a vaccination center in Friesland, near the North Sea coast.

The harmless salt solution injections were given in March and April. Many of those affected were age 70 or higher — a high-risk group in the pandemic. According to local news broadcaster NDR, 8,557 people have been asked to go back for repeat vaccinations, and so far, about 3,600 new appointments have been confirmed, BBC reported

The 40-year-old nurse in question shared “corona-critical information” on social media, criticizing the government’s restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the virus.

The nurse — reportedly a Red Cross nurse– has admitted giving saline to six people, however, a police investigation found that many more people had been given saline.

Based on witness testimony, police announced there was “a reasonable suspicion” that the anti-vax nurse had administered shots of saline solution to up to 8,600 patients who were slated to receive the covid injection, Reuters reported.

So far, it is not known whether the nurse has been arrested or is facing criminal charges, Raw Story reported.

The nurse in Germany isn’t the only medical practitioner to express anti-vax views.

In 2020, Olivia Guidry, an emergency room nurse at Ochsner Lafayette General Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana, sent out antivaccine posts on social media. Guidry contracted the virus in early July and died July 11, from what is believed to be complications from covid. An official cause of death has yet to be made public.

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Soon after being diagnosed, Guidry, who experienced high fevers, was placed in a medically induced coma, The Acadiana Advocate reported.

It is unclear whether Guidry had been vaccinated, however, she tweeted the following: “This vaccine has been released using recombinant DNA faster than any vaccine in the world. It manipulates your DNA at the tiniest molecular level. Do. Not. Get. It. It’s not safe.”

She also tweeted in July 2020, “Am I the only one thinking they are trying to see how much they can control us? We are a straight-up social experiment.”

In June, a Texas hospital suspended 178 employees for two weeks without pay for refusing to get vaccinated, The New York Post reported.