Vikings Coach Fired After Refusing Covid Vaccine Jab

Vikings Coach Fired After Refusing Covid Vaccine Jab


Photo: Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks, Aug. 24, 2018. Credit: Amy Meredith / Flickr / CC

Rick Dennison, a 63-year-old Minnesota Vikings assistant coach, was fired from that job Friday after refusing to get a covid-19 vaccine in what may be a first for the NFL, whose coaches must be vaccinated in order to work with players.

Players do not have to be vaccinated but face restrictions during training camp and throughout the season if they refuse, ESPN reported. However, front-office executives, coaches, equipment managers and scouts do have to be jabbed. Nine NFL teams have 90 percent or more of players vaccinated and 80 percent of NFL players have received at least one jab, Daily Mail reported.

Phil Rauscher has been promoted from assistant offensive line coach to fill the vacancy left by Dennison, ESPN reported. 

Companies can legally force employees get vaccinated, according to recent guidance from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal agency that enforces workplace discrimination laws. Federal laws do not prevent companies from requiring employees to provide documentation or other confirmation of vaccination. However, rules vary from state to state, New York Times reported. Some states have laws prohibiting businesses or government entities in the state from requiring digital proof of vaccination.

In collegiate sports, the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference is the only college conference to make vaccination a requirement for competition, HBCU Sports reported. The conference has mandated all athletes, coaches, and staff to be vaccinated before the fall sports season begins.

Twitter users responded to news of Dennison’s firing with a mix of emotions. Here are some of the comments:

  • “Dude left a high paying job cause he didn’t want protection against a virus that is most dangerous for people his age” — Kwame Brown @KwameBurnerAcct
  • “We’ve been literally taking vaccines all of our lives. As soon as you’re born, and also to be let in school. Some of us, every flu seasons. All of a sudden, it’s a freedom thing. Those complaining about freedom demeaned a man’s constitution right to peacefully kneeling. FOH” — @azulgris27
  • “Bro lost his job due to a needle im crying LMFAOOOOOO” — NFTP @NumbFromThePain
  • “W. Your choice to not get vaccinated and their choice to fire your ass for creating a dangerous work environment” — BIG DADDY SPORTS @247sportstalks
  • “Good for him. Government can’t force us to take a vaccine” — @RaySalazar214
  • “Bro needed to be fired anyways…W for the Vikings” — @lchacon77

Photo: Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks, Aug. 24, 2018. Credit: Amy Meredith / Flickr / CC

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