Grounded? Low Turnout, Business At Nigeria’s Airports

Grounded? Low Turnout, Business At Nigeria’s Airports

From allAfrica

Business is low at the country’s airports as potential travelers appear to be still reveling in the New Year.

Low passenger patronage is characterizing the airports such as the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) where passenger traffic at the Lagos facility has been low for two days.

This is contrary to the pre-Christmas period where passengers turned up in large numbers.

Unlike Christmas and New Year, when there were long queues at Aero’s counters, the situation is completely different with some counters having no clients.

At the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) also known as Terminal 1, passenger traffic was equally low.

Arik Air’s counters were also characterized by very few travelers.

At GAT as it is usual, the car park was jam packed with cars owned by travelers who hopes to pick them on return but to no avail.

Written by Henry Ifeanyi/Read more at allAfrica