Ace Hood’s Baby Mama Feeds ‘Snitch Bait’ To Feds: He Got $144K PPP Loan Without Employees

Ace Hood’s Baby Mama Feeds ‘Snitch Bait’ To Feds: He Got $144K PPP Loan Without Employees

Ace Hood

Ace Hood’s Baby Mama Feeds ‘Snitch Bait’ To Feds: He Got $144K PPP Loan Without Employees Photo: Ace Hood at the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards at the Fillmore Theater in Miami, Florida on October 6, 2018. Credit: Walik Goshorn/MediaPunch /IPX

The government has been cracking down on people who fraudulently received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, intended to help companies pay expenses during the covid-19 pandemic. Hip-hop artist Ace Hood is one of them, according to his estranged baby mama, Shanice Tilia. 

On Instagram live she said, “Ace Hood Touring got $144K [in PPP loans]. I’m trying to figure out how he got that much and he ain’t got no employees. We reported it and now he has to pay me and now he’s mad…”

Tilia may be slightly wrong. According to the U.S. Treasury Department web page on PPP loans, sole proprietors with no employees and an income under $100,000 were eligible for a loan. But here is where Ace Hood might be in trouble. The limit of the loan is just over $20,000.

Tilia’s actions rubbed Twitter the wrong way.

“But if he goes to jail then he can’t there for their child. So why?” Your #1 DJ CASH @djmixmastercash pointed out.

K @GolferGirl305 tweeted, “She just sent her own baby daddy to prison. I don’t condone breaking the law but this kinda shit is unforgivable in my book. I tell ya’ll all the time to only mess with people who respect the road codes.”

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TOVAH @IAMTOVAH noted that Tilia wasn’t really snitching. “The Reality is what she’s talking about is public information & anybody can look it up tho! So really she’s not exposing anything”

The trouble began over Father’s Day drama, Black Sports Online reported.

Ace Hood complained that Tilia wouldn’t let him see his children unless he gave her money in addition to court-ordered child support. 

“The reason I have no children today is because the mother of my children wants to get her story right,” Ace Hood said, according to The Florida Times. “Her story in her heart is that I’m not a good father. My kids don’t want to spend time with me … I don’t support them Hmm. Also, it’s her story in her mind, because I’ll never be there for the kids, and she wants to dismantle me as a person.“

He added, “All of her actions and all of this is due to money. That’s because she sees me doing other things in myself, in my life, in my career. Yes, she receives paid child support. Yes, There is a court order agreement, and it doesn’t matter to her.“

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