Kenyan Farmers To Benefit From Fairtrade, Minimum Prices

Kenyan Farmers To Benefit From Fairtrade, Minimum Prices

From Coastweek.

Fairtrade International made its launch in Kenya this week, improving the chances for small scale farmers there to get fair market prices for their produce.

When consumers buy products with the Fairtrade label in their local supermarkets, they are assured that African farmers have received a reasonable return on their investments, said Fairtrade Eastern Africa Market Development Manager Rachel Wandia Thursday during the launch, according to a report in Coastweek.

Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade in that it addresses injustices common to agricultural trade, according to the article.

“Fairtrade producers will receive minimum price in order to ensure that they are not exploited by middlemen who control the value chain,” Wandia said in the article.

 Coffee, tea and cocoa products are included in the program so far.

Wandia said the project aims at promoting trade among African nations as most goods targeted are produced and processed on the continent.

The resulting Fairtrade premium is invested back into projects that benefit farmers and communities, according to the report.

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