A Vanlifer: Product Designer Says She Lives In A Van And Makes $300K With 3 Jobs

A Vanlifer: Product Designer Says She Lives In A Van And Makes $300K With 3 Jobs

A Vanlifer: Product Designer Says She Lives In A Van And Makes $300K With 3 Jobs Photo: Twitter

A Black techie who goes by the name Jasmine on social media claims to be earning $300,000 a year working three jobs, but she’s isn’t living the high life — she’s a vanlifer.

Jasmine lives full-time in her van, which she named Betty, as in Betty White — a 2018 Ram Promaster 2500. She blogs about her vanlife lifestyle and has a popular YouTube channel with nearly 6,000 subscribers.

Vanlife is a growing trend. The vanlifer movement is growing bigger each year, with thousands of people opting for the lifestyle. Of the people polled in a recent Outbound Living survey, about 51 percent said they are a full-time vanlifer and 49 percent part-time, according to Outbound Living. A search of #vanlife on Instagram turns up more than 10 million posts.

Some in the vanlifer movement have turned their lifestyle into brands, calling their journeys “projects” and describing them in elevator-pitch terms that make sense to potential sponsors, New Yorker reported.

To support her life on wheels, Jasmine works a product designer at a tech startup, and she is an entrepreneur. 

She created Colorful Coders, an organization to teach and inspire kids in underrepresented neighborhoods to get involved in tech by learning to code. She has also launched a free app called The Kinnect @letskinnect aimed at helping Black-owned businesses and professionals, she posted on Twitter.

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“I CHOSE van life because I enjoy traveling and being stuck in one place for too long isn’t what I enjoy. There isn’t one way to live life, I do what I want and what works for me, it may not work for you and that’s fine. I would just rather work at a beach than in an office,” Jasmine tweeted about her vanlife.

She later tweeted, “I’m proud of where I am and the life I created for myself. So I have every right to speak on it and I will continue to. I’m grateful. Do what you have to do now so you can do what you want to do later.”

Many vanlifers save money on rent while enjoying the great outdoors. It’s a lifestyle that requires adherents to live minimally. Vanlifers must deal with a limited amount of electrical power and water sources at times. Vanlifers must find unusual ways to store food and keep up with basic hygiene, according to Outside Online. It can be a demanding life, but more and more people are finding it pleasurable and profitable.


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