Jay-Z And Meek Mill Help Buy Billionaire NFL Owner A New Bentley, The Streets Have Questions

Jay-Z And Meek Mill Help Buy Billionaire NFL Owner A New Bentley, The Streets Have Questions

Jay-Z and Meek Mill

Jay-Z And Meek Mill Help Buy Billionaire New Bentley, The Streets Have Questions. Image: Twitter

Jay-Z and Meek Mill have some people scratching their heads – and it’s not because they dropped albums with clever wordplay. The MCs recently helped surprise billionaire New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft with a Bentley for his 80th birthday, now the streets have questions.

Meek Mill revealed he and Jay-Z were among a group of friends who helped purchase the blue luxury car for Kraft when he posted a video of the surprise to his Instagram account on Monday, June 7. In the caption Mill wrote, “Drop top bent for Kraft, awwwwww lol hbd Robert,” accentuated by diamond and trophy emojis.

Based on the video, the Bentley is something Kraft has wanted for a while now. “Oh my God,” Kraft said the video before placing his hands on his head in shock once he sees the car. He then turns to Philadelphia 76ers owner Michael Rubin and says, “That’s exactly what I, oh man,” before leaning in to hug Rubin and kiss him on the cheek.

In the video, Rubin tells Kraft that Jay-Z and Meek Mill were among the group of friends who came together to purchase the Bentley for him. “We knew you wouldn’t get it yourself … so we thought we’d get you the car that you were looking for,” Rubin said.  

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“This came from Meek and Jay and Will and Allen and Dez,” Rubin continued. “And Jonathan,” another man who is filming the surprise chimed in. Still in shock, Kraft asks, “How the fudge did you get it ‘cuz we couldn’t get it?” Rubin responded, “Because we have resources.”

While some celebrated the gift to the 80-year-old as “so sweet,” “That’s love” and “Beautiful,” not everyone was feeling the gesture from Jay-Z and Meek Mill. “A couple of millionaires giving a billionaire a Bentley. Black capitalism for you,” @Erika_K_Wilson responded to the video that was reposted by Rap All-Stars on Twitter.


“This Meek Mill?” wrote another Twitter user @Carnage4Life, along with a screenshot of an article from Dec. 2020, in which Mill explained why he only gave kids selling water in Atlanta $20 after he was crucified for it.

Producer and ADOS co-founder Antonio Moore shared @Carnage4Life’s sentiments but he was more explicit in his critique of the MCs. “Did @MeekMill give this billionaire a expensive car he could buy himself while he offered several impoverished black kids selling water 20 dollars to split?” Moore wrote.


“I was just a little sick in my mouth. A multi-billionaire who could the Bentley company is given a car by some fellow billionaires. Ugh! Vomit-inducing,” user @PaulUK2901 chimed in. “Hey Bob how about soling global clean water issue with all your wealth? Nah, didn’t think so.”

“And yet – Jay Z is from the Marcy Projects. Meek is from Philly. I KNOW that that $$ could have been better spent,” @ward8sfinest tweeted.

Still others said people shouldn’t be worried about how other people spend their money and there is nothing wrong with giving a gift to a friend.

“If Meek or Jay spent the money on someone from their respective neighborhoods would you feel the same way? Both have “given back.” The public saying how someone should/nt spend their money is ridiculous,” @O_Shaw wrote.

“Jay is a billionaire and Michael Rubin basically has the same net worth as Kraft. The only millionaire is Meek and I don’t see the problem with getting ur friend a birthday gift,” @therandom58 tweeted.