See ‘Low-Skill Attack’ On Modern 90-Pound Sentry Safe, Sliced Like Butter With Saw In Minutes

See ‘Low-Skill Attack’ On Modern 90-Pound Sentry Safe, Sliced Like Butter With Saw In Minutes



A security safe made by one of the leading and most respected fire-safe manufacturers in North America was sliced open like a knife through butter when a YouTuber applied a power saw to it in a shared video testing its ability to provide protection for users’ valuables.

The 90-pound box, made by SentrySafe, was secured by a digital keypad and the manufacturer claims to provide security protection, fire protection and water protection.

But a forced entry test done by YouTuber LockPickingLawyer showed that the safe can be easily sawed in half in less than a minute. LockPickingLawyer shares videos of tests on different locks and safes with more than 3 million subscribers.

“It’s a pretty heavy box. It’s called a safe, it looks like a safe, it’s operates like a safe, but the confusion seems to be actively cultivated by the manufacturer,” LockPickingLawayer said in the video.

“Unfortunately this carefully crafted appearance of security is really a very thin veneer,” he added, before demonstrating a low-scale saw attack on the box. It did not pass his test.

Other popular fire safes by the same manufacturer have proven to be over-glorified office desk lockers that can be opened in seconds using a magnet, according to a Forbes report.

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The fatal security flaw can allow at least three different safe versions to be opened in one second using a rare-earth magnet.

“To be fair, the SentrySafe is not meant to thwart burglars. It’s a fire-safe meant to protect valuables and documents in the event of a fire,” Security Specialist Marc Weber Tobias wrote in the Forbes piece.

“There is a fundamental difference between fire and burglary-rated safes which I would imagine most consumers do not fully understand. The problem is that the consumer sees an 86-pound container and it looks to be secure.”

Burglarly safes are designed to prevent break-ins through the use of force or covert attacks, rather than compromise from fire, high temperatures, water, and dropping the container up to 30 feet.

There are very few containers that are rated for both burglary and fire.

Photo: www.sentrysafe.com

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