Black MAGA Claims Gas Shortages And Other Problems Are Because Trump Is Gone

Black MAGA Claims Gas Shortages And Other Problems Are Because Trump Is Gone

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Black MAGA Claims Gas Shortages And Other Problems Are Because Trump Is Gone Photo: Twitter screenshot

Motorists on the East Coast and in parts of the South lined up for gas earlier this month. Some even hoarded it in the belief that there would be long-term gas shortages.

The gas shortages started when the privately-owned Colonial Pipeline was hacked by a ransomware cyberattack, but the issue was resolved after the Georgia-based company paid hackers a $4.4 million ransom.

The U.S. government blamed Russian hackers who call themselves “DarkSide” for the cyberattack, which began May 6 and ended May 7. But that’s not what a Black MAGA fan would have you believe.

Some Black Donald Trump supporters are blaming the short-lived gas shortages on President Joe Biden.

In a video posted online, a Black man wearing a MAGA ball cap at a gas station said, “I need Trump back…We had gas, we had electricity, we had jobs, we had food. Now we’re sitting at home with no gas, some people with no electricity, no jobs…waiting on a stimulus check.”

Melissa Tate @TheRightMelissa, a Christian conservative activist and author, posted the video on Twitter. She tweeted that some Democrats blame the “cyber attack” for gas lines, “but Biden attacked the keystone pipeline. Dems like Gov. Whitmer & Cuomo are killing other pipelines & importing energy from Russia. Weak leaders like Biden is why we are attacked & why the wars are breaking out abroad”.

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Tate, 27, is the author of “Choice Privilege: What’s Race Got To Do With It?” On her website, she describes herself as a married mother of three and owner of a “thriving small business with several employees.”

Others on Twitter challenged Tate.

“During four years in office, Trump failed to hold adversaries including Russia accountable for hacking U.S. targets, removed experienced cyber-defenders from their posts for petty reasons and undermined much of the good work being done on cybersecurity within federal agencies!” FjRod @FPolviews tweeted.

Pandemic at the Disco @sturdywingsbjj pointed out, “That gas supply shortage was the result of a Ukrainian hack affecting Colonial Pipeline (a mostly privately owned company). They supply gas refined in Texas up the eastern seaboard. How is that the sitting president’s fault?”


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