Harlem Capital VC Announces He is Moving to Miami

Harlem Capital VC Announces He is Moving to Miami

Harlem Capital VC

Harlem Capital VC Announces He is Moving to Miami. Photo: Harlem Capital

After making a commitment to change the face of entrepreneurship, Harlem Capital VC Henri Pierre-Jacques has announced he’s joining the tech migrations South and taking his talents to Miami for a year.

“Life update: My wife and I decided for our honeymoon that we would move to Miami for a year, which started last week,” Pierre-Jacques tweeted on Monday, May 10. “Excited for this next chapter and to explore the tech and VC scene down here. What founders and VCs should I meet?”


His announcement was met with a flurry of excitement from his fellow techie transplants. “Welcome! But it won’t be a year. Most come for a year and stay 20,” Kairos founder Brian Brackeen responded. TO this Pierre-Jacques replied, “Wouldn’t be mad at it lol.”

“Welcome! I host a bi-monthly private YC (and many non YC) founders Social in Miami. Would love to invite you to the next one,” added Litnerd founder Anisa Mirza. “Hey Henri — I’m new to Miami and would love to connect. Cool to send you a DM?” Rec Philly Co-founder Will Toms tweeted.

Pierre-Jacques was invited to have everything from coffee and Haitian food to hangouts at exclusive parties. One user tagged Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez, who has been an outspoken advocate asking techies to move to his city.

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Harlem Capital raised another $134 million in its 2nd round in March. The company’s goal is to fund 1,000 diverse founders.

According to Pierre-Jacques, the move has been in motion for some time, but he wanted to get married before heading South.

“We generally come once a year so have always loved MIA. After coming for holidays last year it was one of the more sporadic decisions I’ve ever made lol started putting things in motion early in the year but wanted to wait until after the wedding,” Pierre-Jacques said.