Liberia to Lend Peacekeeping troops, Contribute $100,000 to Mali

Liberia to Lend Peacekeeping troops, Contribute $100,000 to Mali

The Government of Liberia has announced a contribution of $100,000.00 to recovery efforts in the West African State of Mali.

The Government of Liberia made the commitment at a one-day International Donor Conference for the Development of Mali under the theme: “Together For A New Mali”, on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.

Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan made the pledge on behalf of Liberia when he delivered a special statement at the one-day gathering in Europe’s political capital.

Foreign Minister Ngafuan told the gathering that Liberia considers the threat to the peace of Mali as a threat to the peace of the entire West African region and looks forward to working with Mali and the international community to transition Mali fully from war to peace, democracy and sustainable development, adding,” That is why Liberia is contributing a platoon from its very small army to the peacekeeping efforts in Mali”, the Liberian Foreign Minister said.

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