Report: Group Of Hackers Stole Apple Product Plans From Supplier

Report: Group Of Hackers Stole Apple Product Plans From Supplier

Apple hackers
Report: Group Of Hackers Stole Apple Product Plans From Supplier. Image designed by jcomp / Freepik

A Russian group of hackers known as the REvil stole and published product blueprints from Apple supplier Quanta Computer and they’re demanding a $50 million ransom for more blueprints they’re holding, according to a Bloomberg report.

The ransomware group, also known as Sodinokibi, published design details of a new MacBook on Tuesday, to coincide with Apple’s product launch event for new devices including iMac, iPad Pro, and an updated Apple TV.

REvil claimed to have infiltrated the computer network of Taiwan-based Quanta Computer that mostly supplies Apple with MacBooks and got hold of “all local network data” from the contract manufaturer.

Quanta also works with HP, Facebook, Alphabet, Alienware, Lenovo, Cisco, Dell, and Microsoft

The hackers said they are “negotiating the sale of large quantities of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data with several major brands.” They gave Quanta an April 27 deadline to pay the ransom or the price will go up to $100 million.

Quanta said that a “small number” of servers was hacked by the group with “no material impact” on the business and that it had been in touch with data protection agencies and law enforcement.

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“Quanta Computer’s information security team has worked with external IT experts in response to cyber-attacks on a small number of Quanta servers,” the company said in a statement. “We’ve reported to and kept seamless communications with the relevant law enforcement and data protection authorities concerning recent abnormal activities observed. There’s no material impact on the company’s business operation.”

It did not say whether or not it planned to pay the ransom.

The REvil ransomware gang previously targeted other companies including Acer, Travelex, Asteelflash and Pierre Fabre. They tried to extort $50 million from Acer in early 2020 and $25 million from Asteelflash and Pierre Fabre.

There have been increased attacks in recent years by ransomware groups situated in countries with lax regulations against hackers targeting high-profile companies and governments.