Silicon Valley Censorship Police Called On Jason Whitlock For BLM Criticism, Account Suspended

Silicon Valley Censorship Police Called On Jason Whitlock For BLM Criticism, Account Suspended

Silicon Valley Censorship Police Called On Jason Whitlock For BLM Criticism, Account Suspended Photo: Patrisse Cullors poses for a portrait to promote the film “Bedlam” at the Salesforce Music Lodge during the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 27, 2019, in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP)

Sports columnist Jason Whitlock was locked out of his Twitter account after an April 9 tweet criticizing the $1.4 million home purchase by Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors.

While the Twitter account can be viewed, Whitlock has been unable to tweet since then and the tweet about Khan-Cullors was deleted by Twitter because, according to a Twitter notice, it “violates the Twitter Rules.”

Black activist Khan-Cullors’ new home is in an area that is predominately white.

“Black Lives Matter founder buys $1.4 million home in Topanga, which has a Black population of 1.4 percent,” Whitlock wrote on Twitter. “She’s with her people!”

Hours after Whitlock’s post, several social media users shared a screenshot from Whitlock in which Twitter told him his account had been locked, Mediate reported. 

“You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission,” the message informed him. 

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Whitlock, 53, told DailyMail.com that Twitter was “going too far” by blocking him from posting to his account, which has nearly 450,000 followers.

“BLM is one of Big Tech’s sacred cows,” Whitlock told DailyMail.com “I’ve been harping on the fraudulence and the financial grift of BLM for years.

“I think Twitter has been looking for an excuse to de-platform me,” he said. 

A former ESPN and FOX Sports analyst, Whitlock wasn’t the only reporter to cover the news of the 37-year-old Cullors’ home purchase. The story also appeared in the New York Post, Fox Business and Yahoo News, among others.

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BLM raised $90 million in 2020, according to financial documents released by the organization after calls for transparency. Still, it’s unclear how leaders are paid, the DailyMail.com reported. Now, Whitlock says, Twitter is trying to silence him for asking questions about BLM finances. 

Cullors purchased four homes in 2020 alone. The latest home purchase has been criticized even by fellow BLM members. The New York Post reported that Cullors bought two other LA homes in recent years and paid $415,000 for a 3.2-acre property in Georgia.

BLM New York City head Hawk Newsom told The Post he wanted “an independent investigation” to find out where she was getting the funds to finance her purchases.