Biden’s $2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan: Universal Clean Drinking Water, Replace Every Lead Pipe

Biden’s $2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan: Universal Clean Drinking Water, Replace Every Lead Pipe

Biden’s $2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan: Universal Clean Drinking Water, Replace Every Lead Pipe. Photo: President Joe Biden delivers remarks on climate change and green jobs, in the State Dining Room of the White House, Jan. 27, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Joe Biden plans to unveil today a $2 trillion massive infrastructure plan, one that is already getting pushback from House Republicans as well as progressive Democrats.

The plan, if passed, will include several initiatives:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations for drivers nationwide
  • Every lead pipe in the country replaced
  • Access to high-speed internet broadband for all Americans by the end of the decade
  • Up to 2 million homes built, retrofitted, or renovated
  • Universal clean drinking water
  • 20,000 miles of roads or bridges to be fixed

The PRO Act — Protecting the Right to Organize — is included in the package, which would hold employers accountable and impose civil penalties if they violate workers’ rights to organize. The PRO Act was passed by the House in 2020 but was derailed by former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, The Monroe News reported.

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The White House claims the proposal will pay for itself over 15 years, The Washington Post reported. Much of the funding will come from corporate tax increases.

Members of Congressional Progressive Caucus say the plan is lacking in its efforts to meet the scale of the threat posed by climate change. Three House Democrats have said they would oppose the package because it does not reverse a cap on state and local tax deductions from Trump’s tax law. Trump’s tax cuts were celebrated by lobbyists and business groups.

Republicans say the package should be limited to transportation, broadband internet and other basics, not green energy. Republicans warn that “Biden doesn’t want to just fix roads, he wants to upend American life,” USA Today reported.

Twitter had some thoughts on Biden’s infrastructure plan and its chances of getting the 60 votes needed to avance to the Senate.

“GOP won’t go for it for a simple reason: Plans that benefit everyone is socialism, plans benefitting just them is exceptionalism,” wrote one user.

Another noted the challenges of fixing U.S. infrastructure. “Is this just the first package because 2T/10yr is pathetically low for how broken our infrastructure is”.

One posted, “Sounds pretty good if: 1. MOST of it is funded w taxes etc. Say 98%. 2. PRO Act is unrelated & puts whole bill at risk. Why put that in there? Otherwise bill might actually get 60V.”

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