Twitter Censorship Police Suspend ‘Hood Communist’ Account: Supporters Call For Answers

Twitter Censorship Police Suspend ‘Hood Communist’ Account: Supporters Call For Answers

Twitter Censorship Police Suspend ‘Hood Communist’ Account: Supporters Call For Answers Photo by Franco Folini, Mural: “Revolution” at 22nd and Bartlett Streets, San Francisco, Aug. 12, 2006 / Flickr/ CC

Hood Communist, a self-described collective of African revolutionary nationalists using journalism to advance the struggle for African liberation, realized on March 29 that its Twitter account had been suspended.

The Twitter censorship impacted not only the collective’s account but the accounts of the group’s editor as well as those of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP), and the AAPRP-New Mexico.

There was no justification “given for the locking and suspending of any of these accounts,” according to Hood Communist.

However, the leaders of Hood Communist said they think they know why they were censored.

There is an effort, they say, to keep them from informing others about current atrocities, such as the U.S. carrying out airstrikes in eastern Syria and Somalia, and kids in cages at U.S. immigration detention centers.

The censorship means that the suspended group won’t be able to shed light on anti-American protests in Haiti, where people are demonstrating against U.S. over influence over the current president. Many Haitians say he has violated his term limit with the support of the U.S.

While the Twitter suspension is a setback, Hood Communist said that the silencing of its Twitter accounts will not silence its writers.

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“There’s a growing consciousness of Africans in the U.S. and around the world that is connecting the dots of our fates. It’s waking up to the idea that the police terror we face here is connected to the military terror the U.S. inflicts upon the developing world. The non-stop anti-China propaganda we see daily is being realized for what it truly is— the drumbeat for a new Cold War, from which many African nations will suffer. The U.S. can hum its lullaby, but not everyone is going to listen,” the group wrote on its blog.

Twitter users expressed support for Hood Communist.

Pan-Afrikan nationalist and Garveyite Omowale Afrika, creator of #BlackInstitutionalGivingChallenge, tweeted, “I stand with @hoodcommunist and all Black voices of dissent that are being censored by Big Tech & the Biden Administration. We have a far more shrewd enemy in the fox, than we ever had in the wolf.”

Dr. CBS, an assistant professor of Africana studies and political science at Carleton College and a follower of the late Guyanese political activist Walter Rodney, tweeted, “#freehoodcommunist Free @HoodCommunist

Ghetto intellectual posted, “Solidarity with @HoodCommunist This suspension is political and zero to do with policy #freehoodcommunist cc: @Twitter@jack


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