Tiburce Chaffa on Transitioning From IT, Columbia U Partnership [Part 2 of 3]

Written by Makula Dunbar


Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) co-founder Tiburce Chaffa is a social entrepreneur who specializes in creating business opportunities for Africa’s youth. He recently visited AFKInsider‘s studio where he explained how his organization advocates for business education, start-up resources and tools from global leaders.

In part two of the interview, he elaborates on flourishing GYIN tech start-ups, starting a business with no money and creating a business education partnership program with Columbia University.

“Many entrepreneurs in Africa don’t have business education. They want to do business, but they just don’t know how….that’s very difficult. We approached Columbia University business school and said, ‘We have a platform for young people to become entrepreneurs..would you agree to teach our members and entrepreneurs how to do business?’ And they said yes,” Chaffa said.