Upcoming Docuseries Trailer Drops On Mystery Of The Cold-Blooded Murder Of Michael Jordan’s Father

Upcoming Docuseries Trailer Drops On Mystery Of The Cold-Blooded Murder Of Michael Jordan’s Father

Upcoming Docuseries
Upcoming Docuseries Trailer Drops On Mystery Of The Cold-Blooded Murder Of Michael Jordan’s Father. In this photo, Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan serves his father, James, a slice of birthday cake as his mother, Doloris, watches during a party in honor of Jordan’s 26th birthday in Chicago, Ill., Friday, Feb. 17, 1989. The cake is in the shape of an Air Jordan sports shoe. (AP Photo/Charles Bennett)

A new trailer for an upcoming docuseries that explores the cold-blooded murder of Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan Sr., recently dropped.

Entitled “Moment of Truth,” the docuseries explores the murder, trial and convictions of then-teenagers Daniel Green and Larry Demery, and Green’s continued claims he is innocent of the murder.

The duo allegedly shot Jordan Sr. to death on July 23, 1993 in North Carolina while he was asleep after pulling over to rest on his way home from a funeral. They then stole the luxury Lexus Michael Jordan had gifted him, along with two of his championship rings and other valuables.

Green was identified by Demery as the one who pulled the trigger. However, Green has maintained his innocence of the shooting the entire time. Instead, Green admits to helping Demery dispose of Jordan Sr.’s body after Demery came to his home in the middle of the night and told him he’d shot someone in self-defense.

The two were convicted and sentenced to life in prison, but in 2010 the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation found lab technicians had mishandled or omitted evidence from nearly 200 cases, including Jordan’s. The case was later removed from the list, but Green is still trying to prove his innocence.

In addition to the murder and trial, the upcoming docuseries explores Green’s claims – which are believed by Christine Mumma, the executive director of the Center on Actual Innocence. She has been fighting for a new trial for Green for a few years.

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“There was a single-minded decision made very early on that Larry was the good guy, Daniel was the bad guy and Larry’s going to testify against Daniel,” Mumma says in the trailer.

“This isn’t about Michael Jordan. This isn’t about his fame. This is about a man who was convicted of killing someone and there are clear problems with the case,” another advocate for Green says in the trailer.

“I spent a lot of years thinking about the mistakes that I made. Basically, I’ve been in prison from anywhere from 15 to 18 years longer than I would have been if I would have been convicted for what I actually did,” Green said in a 2018 interview whose excerpts are included in the docuseries. “I never killed anybody. I didn’t kill James Jordan. I’m innocent. I’m innocent of murder.”

The true-crime docuseries is set to premiere April 2 on IMDb TV.