Are Kenyan Leaders, AU to Blame for the South Sudan Coup Attempt?

Are Kenyan Leaders, AU to Blame for the South Sudan Coup Attempt?

From Standard Media

Kenya’s former foreign affairs assistant minister Richard Onyonka has faulted Kenya and Africa Union for the attempted coup in South Sudan on Sunday night. Onyonka said Kenya and AU failed to forestall the situation that had been seen long time ago and challenged the leadership to swiftly move in and calm the parties involved.

“The signals had been there but our leaders failed to move in and quell the tension. If they do not contain the situation it will become a regional problem and worse than what we have seen there,” said Onyonka.

He added the problem pits the main tribal groups Dinka and Nuer and urged President Kenyatta to focus on South Sudan and ensure it is addressed to safeguard the region and more than 40,000 Kenyans working there with their property.

Onyonka said the failure for South Sudan’s referendum and election to hold will be blamed on Kenya and AU, which were its guarantors and needed to monitor the development of all internal matters. “Why both Kenya and AU failed is an issue that we need to know because it is in our benefit that South Sudan matures and becomes stable,” he said.

Written by Cyrus Ombati | Read more at Standard Media