Pastor Delivers Controversial Sermon To Missouri Church: Look Pretty Or Husband Will Cheat

Pastor Delivers Controversial Sermon To Missouri Church: Look Pretty Or Husband Will Cheat

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Pastor Delivers Controversial Sermon To Missouri Church: Look Pretty Or Husband Will Cheat. Image: iStock

A Missouri pastor is under fire and on leave after delivering a controversial sermon in which he told women to make sure they looked pretty and to satisfy their husband’s sexual desires or the husbands would cheat.

Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark of First General Baptist Church in Malden recently advised women to do several things to ensure their husbands wouldn’t step out on them. Topics included sex, weight loss, makeup, clothing, hairstyles, etc.

“I want you to know a need that a man has that he won’t ever tell you about but since I’m the preacher man I’ll say it: Your man needs an attractive wife,” Clark said. “Don’t give him a reason to be like this distracted boyfriend. Don’t give him a reason to be looking around … I really don’t believe women understand how visual men are. … I really don’t think women understand how important it is for a man to have a beautiful woman on his arm.”

The pastor added that he knew not every woman could look “epic” like Melania Trump, whom he called the “trophy wife of all time,” but “you don’t need to look like a butch either,” he said.

Reagan Williams posted footage of the sermon to Facebook, dated Feb. 21. She said Clark “nonchalantly decided to exercise pastoral abuse towards women,” added that she’d been told this wasn’t his first time he gave a sermon like this.

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“He goes on to blame women for the actions of men and says it is of God and it should be accepted as normal. Instead of teaching men and boys to take accountability for their actions and control themselves, he degrades women, victim blames, and points the finger at their mere existence,” Williams wrote in describing the video.

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General Baptist Ministries condemned the pastor’s comments in a Facebook statement, writing that Clark’s sermon “included comments that are not consistent with the positions and values of General Baptists.” It said the comments were under review and Clark had resigned from a moderator position he was due to hold in the General Association of General Baptists in 2022.

“General Baptists believe that every woman was created in the image of God, and they should be valued for that reason,” the statement continued. “Furthermore, we believe that all individuals regardless of any other factors are so loved by God that Christ died for them.”