Pan-Africanist Omowale Afrika Accepts Invitation To Debate Reparationist Logic Supreme Tuesday, March 9

Pan-Africanist Omowale Afrika Accepts Invitation To Debate Reparationist Logic Supreme Tuesday, March 9

Omowale Afrika
Pan-Africanist Omowale Afrika Accepts Invitation To Debate Reparationist Logic Supreme Tuesday, March 9 Photo caption: Flier: Twitter. U.S. Flag: Robert Couse-Baker Flickr/CC

Activists Omowale Afrika and Dr. Logic Supreme will go head-to-head in an upcoming debate on reparations. The debate will take place at 8 pm ET on March 9 on YouTube with Zakiya Sankara-Jabar moderating.

Afrika, a pan-African nationalist, is the former president of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.

Afrika works with the Philadelphia Chapter of Afrocentricity International overseeing youth programming. He is also an independent filmmaker and community lecturer, according to his website.

Community organizer Dr. Logic Supreme describes himself on Twitter as a political scientist, activist, and freedmen reparationist.

Sankara-Jabar is the co-founder and former executive director of Racial Justice NOW! She is also the national field organizer for the Dignity in Schools Campaign, according to her website.

The debate is sure to be heated. It’s already the talk of Twitter.

Afrika tweeted that he’s ready for the challenge from Dr. Logic Supreme’s reparations camp. “I’m supposed to be doing meatless March, but I have no problem taking a break to cook this beef. They was campaigning for smoke, and messed around and got elected…”

In a message to The Moguldom Nation, Afrika tweeted, “‘Campaign for smoke’ simply means they were asking for a fight. And to be elected, means someone took them up on their offer. @DrLogicSupreme got elected, when I accepted his offer to be the recipient of any smoke he had for Dr. Gregg Carr (@AfricanaCarr), pertaining to reparations and Pan Africanism.”

Pan-Africanist Greg Carr is a professor of Africana Studies at Howard University.


Reparations need to be race-based and targeted to the descendants of slavery, Supreme said recently during a reparations discussion on YouTube

“The problem is the damage that we have suffered in this country as a specific group of people have not come from injuries that have been given to everyone,” Supreme said. “It comes from specific injuries that have been given to us and inflicted on our family members specifically … it’s going to take race-specific policies to fix what race-specific policies did … We were targeted racially.”

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The debt is long overdue, Supreme added. “(The U.S.) owes us the most because we’ve put the most value in America than any other group including the pilgrims, the forefathers, George Washington, and all of them. They didn’t put half of the worth into America.”

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