Congresswoman Maxine Waters On Death Threats: ‘I Got An AK-47 And I’ll Use It’

Congresswoman Maxine Waters On Death Threats: ‘I Got An AK-47 And I’ll Use It’

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters On Death Threats: ‘I Got An AK-47 And I’ll Use It’. In this March 7, 2019, file photo, House Financial Services Committee Chair Maxine Waters, D-Calif., leads a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

California Rep. Maxine Waters said she has been getting an increased number of death threats, many of them unnerving. There was a voicemail from a Mississippi man who threatened the Democrat that he wanted to kill her with an assault rifle. Waters said the threats increased in the weeks before and after the violent pro-Trump siege of the U.S. Capitol.

According to Waters’ office, the unidentified Mississippi man left the voicemail with the congresswoman’s district staff in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, The New York Daily News reported. He also threatened other Democrats.

“You are a disgusting piece of s–t … If I didn’t have a kid, I would wipe out all you disgusting pieces of s–t,” the man said in the message. “I got nothing to lose … I would take my AR and spray Pelosi, YOU, Swalwell, Sheila Jackson Lee.”

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Another caller from Kansas left a voice message with Waters’ congressional office on Dec. 15 that included violent threats and racial epithets.

“You Black n—-r whore … your ass is grass,” the Kansas man, also unidentified, said in the message. “Your time is coming n—-r b—h. … I got an AK-47 and I’ll use it if I have to.”

According to Waters’ office, U.S. capitol police are investigating.

An outspoken critic of Donald Trump, Waters went to Twitter to discuss the threats. 

She tweeted, “These white supremacists, guided by Trump, are not going to shrink. Trump will continue to organize them and I wonder who all they will threaten next. Is this a sign of what is to come?”

One Twitter user replied, “Congresswoman, you already know, that there is more to come! Please be careful!!”

In recent years, Waters has been the subject of multiple threats, some resulting in convictions.

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In January 2020, white nationalist and Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Hasson of Maryland was sentenced to 13-plus years in federal prison on weapons and drug charges. Hasson had been accused of plotting to murder Waters and other members of Congress, but was not charged for those alleged threats, Our Weekly reported.

A recent public Zoom meeting of the Iowa Democratic Black Caucus erupted in a flurry of racially-fueled hate speech and death threats. Ohio Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, the new chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, was a featured speaker, WKYC reported.