Second Official Trailer For ‘Coming 2 America’ Drops, Fans Hope Sequel Doesn’t Ruin Classic

Second Official Trailer For ‘Coming 2 America’ Drops, Fans Hope Sequel Doesn’t Ruin Classic

Coming 2 America
Second Official Trailer For ‘Coming 2 America’ Drops, Fans Hope Sequel Doesn’t Ruin Classic. Credit: Amazon Prime 

The second official trailer for the highly anticipated “Coming 2 America” has been released by Amazon Studios and once again fans are weighing on whether or not the sequel will ruin the classic movie.

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, Amazon Prime released the 2 min. 31 second trailer. It builds on the first official trailer, which was released Dec. 22 – and reveals there may be some controversy because Zamunda’s outdated laws refuse to name a woman queen.

The premise of the sequel is that as the newly crowned King Akeem (Eddie Murphy) prepares to ascend to the throne as king, he learns he has a son he never knew about in America. His father, outgoing King Jaffe (played by James Earl Jones), tells him he must find his son and make him crown prince because Akeem only has daughters with his wife Lisa (Shari Headley) and a woman cannot be named Queen. Once again, Akeem and his best friend Semmi (Arsenio Hall) are back off to the U.S. for a new adventure.

In addition to the aforementioned, much of the original cast from 30 years ago has also returned including John Amos, Garcelle Beauvais, Vanessa Bell Calloway and others.

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Newcomers include: Jamie Fowler as Akeem’s son Lavelle, Leslie Jones, as Lavelle’s mother, Tracy Morgan as Lavelle’s uncle, Wesley Snipes as a military commander who wants Akeem’s throne, Teyana Taylor as one of Alkeem’s daughters, Rick Ross and more.

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Fans weighed in on whether they thought ‘Coming 2 America’ would be any good on social media.

“Please don’t let this be corny …please don’t let this be corny,” @DanielleFudge replied under the second trailer on Twitter, followed by praying hands. “It’s such a classic.”

“Some movies should just be left alone. Still going to watch it, but I’m already underwhelmed tbh,” @Ms_BaldwinHills wrote and accentuated it with sad and embarrassed emojis. “I was excited for this, but this is not looking good,” added another.

However others had a more positive attitude, believing the sequel could deliver a win for the culture in its own way like the original did in the 1980s.

“I have a feeling it’s gonna be solid and surprise a lot of people. Most likely it won’t be better than the iconic original but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s still a chance it’ll be really good and stand on it’s (sic) own,” tweeted user @IvanIvez. “They got the same wardrobe people from Black Panther. The Afrocentric styles alone peeks my interest. I love see US on film,” added ZoneOnePlaya.

Still others wondered how those old Barber Shop dudes are still alive,” noting the characters “must’ve been what, 80 when the original was made?”

In a video clip posted to @theeddiemurphyshow on Instagram, Murphy gave a behind the scenes speech thanking the cast and crew for their work on the project.

“Y’all know making a movie is a collaborative effort and everybody was incredible on this movie. Everyone did their jobs like above and beyond and made it a really special experience and thank you so much,” Murphy said.

Paramount sold the film to Amazon in October 2020. It is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 5.