Feds: If You Leave U.S. On A Flight, You May Not Get Back In

Feds: If You Leave U.S. On A Flight, You May Not Get Back In

Feds: If You Leave U.S. On A Flight, You May Not Get Back In. Image: Pexels

U.S. residents traveling abroad could find themselves stuck in a foreign country with limited help from the U.S. government if they can’t show a negative coronavirus test before their flight back.

A new requirement by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is being enforced by the Feds. The order came into effect on Jan. 26 and will require everyone traveling by air into the U.S. to get tested no more than three days prior to the flight. Travelers must show the negative test result to the airline before boarding.

Air passengers must also prove that the information they present is true.

News of these new travel rules did not go down well with some Americans on social media who said it was unconstitutional to lock bona fide U.S. citizens out of their own country.

“The Supreme Court has ruled citizens have an absolute right to entry in the United States. Hope someone sues!” @NinetyYellow tweeted.

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Many countries across the world have made it mandatory for people traveling through international airports to obtain valid covid-19 test certificates. It is however not yet clear if people who have been vaccinated will be required to also take a test.

President Joe Biden has moved to reintroduce some restrictions since he was sworn in on Jan 20, including reimposing a ban on many non-U.S. citizens attempting to enter the country.

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The move is an attempt to limit the spread of covid-19 and contain new variants of the disease that have cropped up in several countries.

Former President Donald Trump lifted similar restrictions on Brazil and Europe two days before his term ended.

Biden is also considering expanding mandatory covid-19 testing to include domestic travel, despite fears for the struggling airline industry.

Last week, Biden instructed U.S. agencies to make recommendations to “impose additional public health measures for domestic travel” and asked them to consider new requirements for people crossing land borders.