Comedian Dave Chappelle Gets Covid, Cancels Scheduled Touring Shows

Comedian Dave Chappelle Gets Covid, Cancels Scheduled Touring Shows

Comedian Dave Chappelle Gets Covid, Cancels Scheduled Touring Shows. Photo: Dave Chappelle at the Toronto International Film Festival 2018. Photo: John Bauld / Flickr / Creative Commons

Comedian Dave Chappelle’s recent standup tour has been interrupted after he has tested positive for covid-19. The artist is quarantined and asymptomatic, a representative said in a statement.

There is a rumor that the comedian may have contracted the virus from the girlfriend of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Claire Elise Boucher, better known as Grimes, recently tested positive. She, Musk, Chappelle and others recently posed for photos together at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q in Austin, Texas and everyone was maskless.

Chappelle was to perform a series of shows in Austin starting on Jan. 20 but some of the shows have been scrapped. The Austin shows, produced by Live Nation, were big-ticket events with ticket prices at $1,600 per table for a six-person table, or $1,400 for four people, Deadline reported.

Chappelle was to perform with Joe Rogan on two nights. The other three dates were billed as “Dave Chappelle and Friends.” 

Stubb’s website said that it would be closed to the public from Jan. 21 to Jan. 24, but was open exclusively to Dave Chappelle and Friends ticket holders.

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According to TMZ, Chappelle did perform the first of the five shows in Austin on Wednesday, Jan. 20, with the rest scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Chappelle had been performing socially-distanced shows in Ohio since June 2020, AP reported.

“Fun times with some really fucking cool people at @stubbsaustin,” Rogan said in a Jan. 19 Instagram post with an accompanying photo that included Chappelle, Musk and Grimes.

Twitter took note of this.

“Not a soul wearing a mask. Geez! Theses celebs and elites,” one person tweeted.

Another tweeted, “all of these people are fucking idiots for not wearing masks. what would happen if the richest man in the world’s wife kills one of the world’s favorite comedians? @Grimezsz announced she tested positive for #COVID19 on January 9th, less than two weeks before this night.”

Chappelle’s spokesperson said the comedian “has safely conducted socially-distanced shows in Ohio since June 2020 and he moved those shows to Austin during the winter. Chappelle implemented covid-19 protocols which included rapid testing for the audience and daily testing for himself and his team. His diligent testing enabled him to immediately respond by quarantining, thus mitigating the spread of the virus.”