Gary Chambers From Viral Baton Rouge Council Video Announces Run For Congress

Gary Chambers From Viral Baton Rouge Council Video Announces Run For Congress

Gary Chambers From Viral Baton Rouge Council Video Announces Run For Congress. Photo source:  Chambers For Congress

Baton Rouge, Louisiana community advocate Gary Chambers has gone viral again, this time, for his video announcement that he’s running for Congress.

In a Twitter post, Chambers wrote, “It’s official, I’m running for Congress. You’ve inspired me, to jump in the race for La.’s 2nd congressional district to go fight for THE PEOPLE. If we come together around a shared vision for progress we will win. Let’s make change happen TOGETHER.”

Earlier this summer, Chambers went viral with a video of him calling out Louisiana school board member Connie Bernard, who was online shopping during a debate on renaming a school named after Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

That video was shared by LeBron James, Madonna and millions of others, The North Star reported.

In his latest video, Chambers said, “Most of your run-of-the-mill politicians, career politicians will tell you we’re doing a good job but the truth is we understand that they haven’t been taking care of our health, welfare and the safety of our community. The numbers don’t lie.”

Twitter seemed to rejoice at Chambers’ run for Congress.

One person tweeted, “This announcement brought a smile to my face. When I saw that viral video of you back then, I knew this would not be the last we saw of you. I am based in New York. I donated what I could. Brother I see a very bright future ahead. We want to see you Win.”

Another posted, “Good luck. Congress needs passionate people who will stand up and fight against the Republican establishment. We have to stop giving them a tap on the hand and provide consequences for their horrendous actions and blindsidedness.”

“Probably the least corrupt person in this race. That’s good enough for me,” declared another tweeter.

Chambers will be running against former Louisiana Democratic Party leader Karen Carter Peterson and State Sen. Troy Carter. The current congressman, Cedric Richmond, is vacating the position this month to join the Joe Biden administration as a senior aide, WDSU reported.


Chambers revealed in his campaign announcement that his mother committed suicide when he was 2 months old and that his father struggled with alcoholism.

“So my village stepped in and my aunt and uncle became my mother and father,” he said. “Our fight for change requires that we come together like my family did to help bring me forward. We have to bring our state forward.”

Chambers said he will work for “clean air and green jobs.” Affordable healthcare is also on his agenda. He has been pushing for changes on the community level for five years, according to The North Star.

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Chambers was instrumental in mobilizing the activist community to elect Baton Rouge’s first Black woman mayor, Sharon Weston Broome, who took office in January 2017.

Chambers said he was pulled into politics by acts of brutality against Black people. “Nobody set out when you’re a kid like ‘I wanna be an activist,’” he told The North Star. “When Trayvon Martin happened and Mike Brown happened, those were things that really impacted me as a Black male.”

Chambers is the co-founder and publisher of urban media platform The Rouge Collection.

In his campaign video, Chambers said, “I am unapologetic in my positions and unafraid to speak truth to power. It’s what I know.”