MAGA Soldier And Election Fraud Witness Used To Be A GhostBuster In Real Life

Isheka N. Harrison
Written by Isheka N. Harrison
Election Fraud Witness
MAGA Soldier And Election Fraud Witness Used To Be A GhostBuster In Real Life. Photo: Unsplash

A truck driver who is being hailed by MAGA’s as a star election fraud witness has made ominous claims in the past – and they involve being a GhostBuster in real life.

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, Jesse Morgan said he unknowingly drove a truck full of “phony” mail-in ballots to Pennsylvania from New York, The Daily Beast reported.

“I know I saw ballots with return addresses filled out, thousands of them, thousands,” Morgan said, adding there were 24 large cardboard containers of ballots loaded into his truck’s trailer.

Morgan said he is a subcontractor for the United States Postal Service (USPS) and on Oct. 21 – the day he said he transported the fraudulent ballots – his drop-off was unlike any he’s experienced including waiting over 6 hours and not being allowed to offload.

“All the envelopes were the same size. I could see the envelopes had handwritten addresses and I could even tell that one was marked registered mail,” Morgan said. “They were complete ballots. I didn’t think much of it at the time.”

In a speech that lasted a little over than 9 minutes, Morgan detailed his allegations of being witness to massive election fraud. He made the claims at an event organized by the right-wing Thomas More Society and video footage of his speech was retweeted by President Donald Trump – who has continued to allege widespread voter fraud despite lack of evidence, which his own Attorney General William ‘Bill’ Barr said was non-existent.

Trump’s tweet has been viewed more than 3 million times and retweeted more than 47,000 times on Twitter and Morgan was invited to be a guest on Sean Hannity’s show.

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This isn’t the first time Morgan has gone viral claiming to see something off-putting – but in the first instance it was paranormal activity.

In a series of now-deleted YouTube videos, Morgan allegedly furnished blurry “proof” there was a “shadow person caught on camera.”

“I will not raise my daughters in a place that is haunted,” Morgan said in the first video he posted about the subject, according to The Daily Beast. In a second video, he claimed to have moved from his previous home in York, Pennsylvania, but discovered new spirits in his new home.

His videos did well then and he was invited to be on a television show about ghosts on the Travel Channel. He and his brothers also made a documentary that is available to stream on Amazon Prime entitled “The Shadows Amongst Ups.”

After Morgan went viral for his election fraud allegations, he deleted his ghostbuster videos and The Daily Beast said he didn’t respond to their request for comment.

Even without the ghostbuster claims, many have questioned the credibility of Morgan’s story, saying it was filled with holes and lacked evidence.

“So he had SEALED boxes of mail loaded in his truck which was later scanned when he arrived. Yet he SAW what was in the boxes to the point of knowing they were completed ballots and where specifically each tray was going. At what point did he, a driver, OPEN the sealed boxes?” asked user @debi_sews on Twitter.

“It’s beyond that. Where is his evidence? Selfie with ballots? Video? Managerial assignment? GPS tracking which is in all USPS trucks? Truck log? Any receipts for gas or food? Toll photo? Cell phone triangulation? Why can’t anyone reach Jesse? Contact info is invalid,” another user @VotesWhy2020 wrote.