China’s Huawei Technologies to Back 4G Network in Addis Ababa

Written by Makula Dunbar

Ethiopia is moving ahead with ICT infrastructure and will soon make avaible a 4G internet network across Addis Ababa — part of an agreement signed by China’s ZTE, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and Ethio Telecom.

According to Reuters, the deal was officiated in July and August and finalized this week. The network’s implementation will cost the country $1.6 billion.

ZTE and Huawei will work together to get the network up in 13 expansion regions. As outlined in the contract, the project cost will be paid to the firms over a 13-year period, Reuters noted.

Abdurahim Ahmed, Ethio Telecom’s head of communications spoke to Reuters further expanding on the plan:

“In terms of allocation, Huawei will be responsible for the expansion of 4G in Addis Ababa, including other mobile services – the 2G, 3G, IP and the like,” he said. “It is expected to benefit more than 400,000 subscribers. Within an eight-month period, the expansion project of Addis Ababa, including 4G, will be completed.”

With the new 4G network, more people throughout Ethiopia will be able to access a 3G network. By 2015, Ethio Telecom — the only mobile operator in Ethiopia — estimates that 50 million subscribers will take advantage of the country’s 4G internet service offerings, Reuters reported.