Democrat Pam Keith Says Any Black Man Who Voted Trump Hates Black Women

Democrat Pam Keith Says Any Black Man Who Voted Trump Hates Black Women

Pam Keith
Democrat Pam Keith Says Any Black Man Who Voted Trump Hates Black Women Photo: Twitter

Democrat Pam Keith lost her bid for Congress in Florida’s 18th District to Republican Brian Mast, but that doesn’t seem to be why she’s angry.

She’s upset the number of Black men who cast their vote for Trump, apparently seeing it as a rejection of Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick Kamala Harris, the first Black woman and Asian woman to be on the presidential ticket.

Keith tweeted,  “91% of Black Women voted for Biden because we love everyone. 20% of Black men voted for Trump because they hate Black Women. Thank you to the 80% of Brothers who stand with and for us.”

ADOS co-founder Antonio Moore shot back on Twitter, “This is ignorant as a post and misses the entire story. The story is both Black males and Females voted four points higher for Trump with @KamalaHarris on the ticket. You don’t understand exit polls.”

Activist Bishop Talbert Swan, a prelate of the Church of God in Christ in Canada, tweeted, “Pam, First, congratulations on a hard fought race. Over 185,000 Floridians made you their choice. However, while you’re quoting those stats, don’t leave out the 8% of Black women who voted for Trump. Please don’t let them escape your righteous indignation.”

Others backed Keith’s tweet. “The Black men are more concerning though! I’m speaking as a Black man….. we suppose to protect our Black woman. We watch him degrade Woman and still voted for him??? Watch him attack out Black community and still voted for him? We suppose to be the protectors!”

Like Keith, longtime Congresswoman Rep. Maxine Waters is upset at the Black male voters who jumped the Democratic ship. Waters said she would “never ever forgive” the Black men who voted for MAGA.

Overall, Black men supported Biden, but the DNC has been losing Black male support since 2008. “Eighty percent of Black men supported Joe Biden, down slightly from Hilary Clinton’s 82 percent in 2016 but significantly down from Barack Obama’s level of support among Black men in 2012 and 2008,” NBC News reported. 

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Keith, the daughter of a diplomat and former U.S. Ambassador, was born in Turkey and lived in Morocco, Syria, Brazil and several U.S. cities. She set aside a career in law to join the military as a JAG Officer in the U.S. Navy in 1995. She served for four years. 

JAG officers (aka Judge Advocate Generals Corp) are lawyers who work in all legal matters involving the military, which mirrors many aspects of civilian law. JAGs are in each of the five U.S. military branches — Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force.

In 2016, Keith became the first African-American woman to run a qualified campaign for the U.S. Senate in Florida history, garnering the endorsement of the Miami Herald and more than 15 percent of the vote, according to her campaign website.