Race Grift: Another Professor Resigns After Being Outed As White, Faking Chicana

Race Grift: Another Professor Resigns After Being Outed As White, Faking Chicana

Race Grift: Another Professor Resigns After Being Outed as White, Faking Chicana (Photo: Luther College)

It’s happened again — another white woman pretending to be a woman of color. A Furman University professor has resigned after an anonymous critic outed her as white, not Chicana, as she’d claimed to be.

Kelly Kean Sharp, a scholar of African American history, was outed by an anonymous post on Medium

Sharp referred to herself as Chicana on various social media accounts, including on her now-private Twitter profile. She tweeted about her “abuela” or grandmother from Mexico and posted elsewhere about her “abuela who came to the U.S. during World War II who worked hard so I could become a teacher.” The anonymous Medium post included screenshots of Sharps’ social media pages.

Sharp was born in Los Angeles “to white parents and was residing in the U.S. during all the census records of her upbringing,” Insider Higher Education reported.

The Medium article also fact-checked Sharp’s now-deleted Furman faculty biography, which said her research on the antebellum South was inspired in part by her hometown, Encinitas, Calif., and its “majority-minority population.” Problem is that Encinitas has long been predominantly white, “known to anyone from California for being a wealthy beach community,” the post says.

Sharp began working at Furman in July.

According to Furman spokesperson Tom Evelyn, the university is investigating the allegations against Sharp. He added that Sharp had resigned, effective immediately. Sharp has yet to comment publicly.

The article sparked a conversation on Twitter. One user posted, “So in 2020 alone we have… BethAnn McLaughlin, Jessica Krug, Craig Chapman, and now Kelly Kean Sharp. All white professors pretending to be Black, Indigenous or Chicana women. Am I missing anyone???”

The Sharp outing comes on the heels of a white George Washington University professor Jessica Krug admitting in a blog post on Medium that for the better part of her adult life, she pretended to be Black. Krug taught African, Caribbean and diaspora history.

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Another college professor, Rachel Anne Dolezal, was the president of an NAACP chapter and admitted in 2015 that she was white and not the Black woman she pretended to be.

Since then, there has been a slew of other racial grifters outed.